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February 1, 2021 | Collections / Designers /

The latest outdoor collections demonstrate their way of enjoying the outdoor life according to their personality and background


The vocation for design edition has once again led to us unite GANDIABLASCO with names of great creators from the national and international design scene. With aesthetic sobriety and functional quality as a premise, the four collections of contemporary environments that appear in the new catalogue of GANDIABLASCO reflect the creative freedom that its authors enjoyed when interpreting the idea of the essential and how to live feeling the Mediterranean breeze.


From the curious look and the ‘materialistic minimalist’ approach of the Danish Søren Rose to the ode to craftmanship and the emotions provoked by nature by Laura Ros and Borja García, from the Valencian Made Studio. And from the analytical, silent and artistic perspective of Marta Alonso and Imanol Calderón, from the Madrid-based Mayice Studio, to the particular fusion that the Venetian Luca Nichetto makes between the iconic beauty of Italian design and Scandinavian functionality.

4 design firms with different approaches and backgrounds speaking the universal language of reason, aesthetic balance and comfort. In each project, editor and designer remain united by one goal: to provide a valuable solution that will last over time and improve people’s lives.


CAPA, by Søren Rose, brings the warmth of hygge and the smooth light of the Nordic style outdoors in a soulful series consisting of a single armchair, a double armchair and a low table to create familiar and intimate atmospheres in open spaces.

BOSC, by Made Studio, evokes the fresh beauty and serene simplicity of Mediterranean architecture in each of its pieces, which are a contemporary abstraction in aluminum of the traditional techniques of making lattice or wicker furniture and incorporate details in Iroko wood.

BUIT, by Mayice Studio, is a sculptural collection made of aluminum mesh, following an exhaustive study of ergonomics and material resistance. It is made up of light and visually attractive pieces –an armchair and a modular puff-table– in which an innovative and warm outdoor quilted fabric, specially developed together Kvadrat-Febrik, can be woven.

ONDE, by Luca Nichetto, is developed around the concepts of flexibility and modularity, establishing an intimate connection between outdoor and indoor. Armchairs, sofas and tables with sober and refined lines, add the comfort of textiles and cushions to the strength of materials such as corrugated and welded aluminium sheet, manufactured with the utmost precision in its finishes.

In all of them, the strength and composed elegance of aluminium, , the brand’s favourite material, treated with the appropriate technologies, is combined with other materials —teak wood, Dekton®, high-end technical fabrics… — and a wide variety of configurations and finishes to offer both the highest level of quality and customization.


Beyond furniture collections… they are 4 different visions of outdoor living reproduced by prestigious designers from different cultures. Personalities and styles capable of uniquely expressing how to inhabit outdoor spaces and turn them into an intimate experience to be enjoyed 365 days a year.

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