The connection between indoors and outdoors inspires the GANDIABLASCO 2021 catalogue

January 24, 2021 | Collections / Designers

The timeless beauty and functionality that characterise us, one of strongest, most complete proposals in the contemporary design sector, are reinterpreted with the creative strokes of Luca Nichetto, Søren Rose, Mayice Studio and Made Studio.

Creations of a refined, balanced and architectural nature capable of meeting the needs of the most demanding contract spaces and residential projects.

About to celebrate our 80th anniversary, we are unveiling our catalogue for 2021 with the arrival of new outdoor furniture collections, the expansion of some of our most emblematic series and the return of great icons of the Mediterranean lifestyle that is the essence of the brand.

Luca Nichetto conquers the outdoor with ONDE and its fusion of Scandinavian aesthetics and Italian design. This is a modular collection – made up of armchairs, sofas and low tables with simple, minimalist lines – that has been designed for the outdoors but is equally attractive in an indoor space.

With Søren Rose, CAPA evokes the Danish ‘hygge’ concept and aims to turn any kind of outdoor environment into an intimate and welcoming experience. The soft light of the Nordic style is perceived in each of the elements of this compact and singular series: the armchair, the two-seater sofa and the low table of the CAPA collection combine welded thermo-lacquered aluminium in structures with soft lines, Iroko wood in armrests, generous and warm textiles and surfaces made of the innovative material Dekton® by Cosentino.

Another new feature of GANDIABLASCO’s 2021 catalogue is the multi-award winning BUIT design (Archiproducts 2019 and NYCxDESIGN 2019 Awards), created by Mayice Studio. The collection, a tribute to the properties of aluminium resulting from an exhaustive study of resistance and ergonomics, includes two versatile, functional and visually ground-breaking pieces: an armchair and a pouf table. The aluminium mesh of the BUIT pieces can be woven with a special padded fabric for outdoor use developed in collaboration with Kvadrat-Febrik.

The new Made Studio creation for GANDIABLASCO, BOSC, evokes the relaxed beauty of the Menorcan hideaway of Cala en Bosc. This system composed of sofas, armchairs, pouffes and tables inspired by the comfort and adaptability of Mediterranean architecture gives great importance both to the textile component and to the modularity, which gives it versatility to fit into all kinds of spaces. The perforated metal sheet present in the structure is combined with details in Iroko wood and constitutes an abstraction of the traditional techniques used to make grid or wicker furniture.

The absence of limits that separate indoors and outdoors, the omnipresent natural light and the connection with the landscape, architecture and people’s well-being can be breathed in each of the details of the our  2021 catalogue.


Page by page, GANDIABLASCO’s style and avant-garde references capture the observer in a visual story of passion for life outdoors.


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