New PARTITION WALLS collection by por José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales

May 12, 2021 | Collections /

A tribute to the architect Kengo Kuma


PARTITION WALLS evokes in contemporary language the classic Mediterranean shutters and Japanese architectural works to maintain privacy.


Kengo Kuma‘s ability to reinterpret the traditional Japanese spaces and artisanal craft techniques is the inspiration behind the new collection designed by José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales, PARTITION WALLS. The architect’s work of modular wooden pieces that cover the University of Tokyo’s library terrace sculpt a singular outdoor volume and serve as the guiding thread for this mise-en-scène.


The light and natural character of the slats is perceived both in the organic aspect of the architecture and in the design furniture, which filters the light and generates that play of light and shadow so typical of the Japanese tradition.

Many environments in one to maintain social distancing and safety measures


GANDIABLASCO seeks to create work spaces and lounge spaces divided into semi-private rooms. The PARTITION WALLS designs embrace without enclosing each area in a flexible, integrated and creative way, adapting to the needs of each moment without sacrificing space or natural light.


The emphasis on shade in Japanese aesthetics is also at the origin of the DNA concept. In this environment, the DNA sofas, tables, armchairs and Norman sofas are highlighted by the wood-effect aluminium, which gives a patina of warmth to the strength of aluminium. Completing the set, the PLISY UP rechargeable floor lamps, by Alejandra Gandía-Blasco for DIABLA, add dim points of light.

An architectural and decorative element with a 1000-year-old history


Since their origin in Ancient Egypt, lattices have been used by different cultures both for their decorative value and for their advantages in terms of lighting and thermal comfort. In terms of functions; regulating luminosity, delimiting spaces or hiding from prying eyes are their main assets, and this is how GANDIABLASCO’s contemporary PARTITION WALLS create elegant and essential outdoor spaces on small terraces and Contract projects.

A wide range of finishes


The collection includes four models in different finishes, all available in three sizes and made with machined aluminium profiles suitable for outdoor use: the PARTITION WALL lacquered in aluminium, the PARTITION WALL teca, the PARTITION WALL screen (with a Soltis plastic fabric screen) and the PARTITION WALL in wood-effect aluminiuma, which comes in Golden oak or teak in the horizontal bar pattern.

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