ONDE Extension: The new open and modular office by Luca Nichetto

April 4, 2022 | Collections / Designers /

ONDE, from the French word wave, refers to the corrugated aluminum sheet that characterizes and shapes all the modular pieces in the collection. A furniture family that has grown according to the postulate that originated it: the will to challenge the limits between exterior and interior. Even in workspaces, transformed into flexible places that adapt to new trends, needs and habits in the professional field. “When I was designing ONDE, I thought a lot about how conventional offices are already obsolete. Nowadays, there are many jobs that can be developed in different spaces thanks to their flexibility”, argues Nichetto.

Thus, the creative talent of the passionate Italian “designer”, stimulated by his own Scandinavian influences when designing, has joined the know-how of a team of experts in pushing the capabilities of aluminium to their limit to articulate a wide, comfortable and versatile collection that invites you to work, but also to enjoy relax either at home (indoor and outdoor spaces) or at the office, understood as a more open and free space.

ONDE is an option for people looking for a hybrid between a work and relaxing space at the same time”, explains Nichetto. “The challenge is to act out both the office and the great evolution of the design of outdoor spaces. Consequently, outdoor furniture can contribute to this aim.

Now, ONDE has expanded with a dining table, a dining armchair and a club armchair pouf designed with the same language as the rest of the collection, to explore different combinations thanks to the modular nature of Luca Nichetto‘s unique proposal.

The structures of the new furniture are made of welded aluminium profiles and corrugated aluminium sheet obtained by stamping. On the aluminium, GANDIABLASCO’s favorite material, rests the tabletop made of the compact material Dekton® by Cosentino, highly resistant to stains and chemicals. Aluminium is also extremely durable thanks to the exterior-grade powder coating process.

The dining chair mats and the rest of the ONDE seat elements are made up of a polyurethane foam rubber base and a top padding made of Triafill microfibers –soft, fresh and breathable–. All this is covered with the essential waterproof fabric for exteriors, making a quality upholstery Sunbrella, Dedar, Kvadrat, among specialized in outdoor fabrics, that is fully removable.

The extension of the ONDE collection, which conjugate Nordic functionality with the distinction of Italian design, represents GANDIABLASCO’s commitment to create contemporary environments that adapt to coworking spaces. Outdoor offices dress up thanks to the versatility of the expanded ONDE collection.

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