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2022 is a year of change that marks a new advance towards design and innovation in outdoor furniture due to the relevance that outdoor spaces have acquired as multifaceted shelters that offer calm, well-being and disconnection in all kinds of situations.


In this context we unveil our new outdoor proposals with the arrival of hybrid collections that merge indoor and outdoor spaces, the expansion of its most emblematic furniture collections that are characterised by a balanced and timeless design, and the commitment to distinctive proposals that stay true to our Mediterranean essence.

Luca Nichetto, Francesco Meda & David Quincoces, Daniel Germani, José A. Gandía-Blasco and our internal design team use their knowledge for the creation of furniture that surprise by its elegant and functional style, along with the incorporation of new colors, materials and finishes. The new collections extend the existing range to create more flexible and personalized spaces that meet the needs of contract projects and the most particular demands. We explore new ways of living outdoors with creative solutions that reveal the architectural beauty of the place and dialogue with the existing environment.

This 2022, the house-museum of the artist Xavier Corberó, located in Esplugues de Llobregat, Barcelona is the ideal setting to present the sculptural ONSEN collection by Francesco Meda and David Quincoces, and ONDE, the most hybrid and modular collection by Luca Nichetto. An attractive architectural sculpture of cement and glass with arches, corridors and galleries that remind of the work of Duchamp and the surrealism of Dalí, where the light marks the hours, giving volume and depth to the space, according to the position of the sun.

In this harmonic framework of great visual poetry we integrate the geometry and purism of the ONSEN. The furniture sculptural design spares all superfluous ornaments and it dialogues with the nudity of the aesthetic space. It enriches the volume and the sensation of infinity, source of inspiration for the Catalan artist. To live in the space of Xavier Corberó, our team has created with ONSEN different outdoor spaces where to enjoy the natural light, so valued in the architecture of the Mediterranean.


The new designs devised by Francesco Meda and David Quincoces maintain the gentle and elegant beauty of this contemporary classic that includes elements made of stainless steel, leather and fabrics in a balanced combination, where the hardness of steel coexists with the warmth of the leather and a selection of natural shades fabrics.

One of the novelties of 2022 is GB MODULAR. It is a new line of furniture that embraces the concepts of modularity and minimalism and it gives them a new meaning. Through a simple but effective design, José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales gives shape to three tables and three benches based on aluminium profiles that maintain the same size in terms of width and thickness, but differ in length.


GB MODULAR represents the improvement of the construction system designed by José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales and by his team more than 20 years ago to devise the first collections of outdoor furniture that gave us identityinternationally. In this way, in GB MODULAR, the development of the system with aluminium profiles allows for the construction of furniture with a single profile. This works for the adaptation and materialisation of any type of furniture such as shelves, sideboards or cabinets. Another distinctive feature of this innovative proposal is that it blurs the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing designs to adapt in different places and to satisfy various needs.



Luca Nichetto develops his ONDE collection to make it more versatile and modular. The unique proposal that challenges the boundaries between exterior and interior is expanded with a dining table, dining armchair and pouf for club armchair. They are designed with the same language of the collection and explore different combinations for different usess.


ONDE mixes Nordic functionality with the quality of Italian design and represents our commitment to create contemporary environments even in workspaces, transformed into flexible places that adapt to new trends, professional needs and habits.

Another highlight for 2022 is DNA. The collection, which bears in its essence the attraction for Mediterranean light, incorporates five new references made in faux wood aluminium. From the dining tables with glass top (optional) to the serving cart, passing through XL sectional 2 -the only piece that can also be produced in teak wood- the double twin chill bed and Al Fresco sofa, they all have the warmth of wood and the signature of José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales, creative director of GANDIABLASCO, as their common denominator. The new DNA designs sticks to the architectural character of the collection with its most versatile essence, through elegant and timeless models, capable of integrating into any environment.

The emblematic SOLANAS collection incorporates a total of 7 more pieces. Daniel Germani expands his curvilinear and friendly designs with a Tu&Yo sofa, a XL sectional 2, a partition wall and a 3 seater sofa, among others. The memories shared under the Uruguayan sun come back to life wrapped in the Mediterranean breeze.


The novelties of SOLANAS materialise the vision of Germani on the design and its extraordinary aesthetic sensitivity. The new SOLANAS single-leg tables -in high and low versions- combine the durability and beauty of natural stone with the profiles of thermo-lacquered aluminium, the firm’s material essence, creating a perfect match. Finally, the surfaces of the tables are from Dekton® by Consentino and they guarantee greater strength.



UMBRA is the new folding and rotating sunshade designed by our inner design team in collaboration with Umbrosa. A square-shaped umbrella made of 100% acrylic canvas with high UV resistance and waterproof. The sun visor is supported on a robust mast made of thermo-lacquered aluminium profiles.


One of the most outstanding aspects of the ingenious mechanism of UMBRA is the function of rotation 360° on its basis, so it is able to find its place with total flexibility and adapt, thus, to all the moments of the day and to all the seasons of the year.

Outdoor Spaces


We continue to improve its aluminium PÉRGOLAS that were part of the line of OUTDOOR SPACES launched in 2004 in a contemporary version. The new models are even more dynamic, versatile and offer great possibilities of customization in terms of shapes, finishes and combinations of materials with elegant designs that adapt to the characteristics of the outdoor spaces and also to their furniture. Another essential feature is its evolution with the incorporation of advances such as intelligent light, USB connection or the retractable function of the fixed ceiling.

The 2022 annex is designed by ODOSDESIGN under the creative direction of José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales and produced by Nova Era.

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