Durability, elegance and innovation: the materials to live the outdoor are reinvented with a timeless essence

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Contemporary and sustainable: the mechanized aluminium profiles in GB MODULAR


“Ibizan houses, the origin of our inspiration since forever, are modular. The old peasants of Ibiza, when creating a family, would build modules and place them one next to the other. For this reason, it is the modularity that characterizes Ibizan houses and that has always been in my mind.”
José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales


Aluminio, the ultimate material of the outdoor furniture and the fundamental pillar on which we invented our own construction system from single profiles, keeps exploring new and surprising opportunities every season. It has been 25 years since José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales revolutionized the outdoor furniture sector with those iconic designs, and today, we continue to transfer to its best-loved material the experience and creativity of the great designers with whom we collaborate.

With GB MODULAR, the aluminium makes José A. Gandía-Blasco’s dream come true in terms of modularity: “one profile, dozens of pieces of furniture”. The line of GANDIABLASCO furniture crystallizes the identity and our evolution with the resistant anodized aluminium as a protagonist. GB MODULAR embraces the concepts of modularity and minimalism and it finds a place for a series of essential elements: three tables and three benches. These maintain the same dimension in terms of width and thickness, but differ in length -reaching up to 7 meters-, and giving the possibility to create multiple spaces.


The peculiarity of this collection lies in the clip that makes the aluminium profiles possible, a fruit of years of R&D promoted by us. Alongside the automatization of the parts, thanks to the sophistication of the tongue and groove, the most complex part of the joints between profiles stays hidden and it contributes to a clean and elegant aesthetic extolled by the contemporary and architectural character of the aluminium. The aluminium, is also a recyclable material after its long life, counting with an outstanding aging process over the years.

GB MODULAR está disponible en four colours of grated anodized aluminium, a method that provides a matte finish with texture and that significantly reduces the problem of fingerprints. This is a palette created specifically for this line: silver anodized, dark gold anodized, burgundy anodized and black anodized.


“These pieces are the ultimate expression of the exchange between indoor and outdoor.”
José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales

ONSEN: leather, fabric and the importance of outdoor tactile memory


The sophisticated look of the leather, as well as the pleasant feeling it gives to the touch, converts it into one of the best upholsteries when it comes to interior furniture. Its softness and warmth allow it to serve the outside thanks to the recyclable synthetic leather effect, which we have begun to use in the production of collections such as ONSEN.


This innovative use, tested in outdoor spaces and exposed to humidity, allows you to enjoy in porches and terraces the most luxurious side of leather, without having to put too much effort into its protection and maintenance -something essential when it comes to natural leather. Fireproof and resistant to mold and stains, ONSEN’s unmistakable straps make it a collection of all-terrain and timeless furniture that can adapt to all types of spaces, interior or exterior, contemporary or classic.

ONSEN is the result of a long research process that has led Francesco Meda and David Quincoces, its designers, to pay special attention to materials. Using a naturalness indicator, steel, synthetic leather and textiles are worked in their natural state, with minimal interference, and finally presenting themselves as they are.


In ONSEN, the leather effect of the straps is combined with vinyl and polyester and contrasts with the cool character of the satin-finished stainless steel tubes. The exterior upholstery, made in multiple colors and rich textures in water-repellent fabric, has a piping in 100% acrylic fabric and covers seats and cushions made with polyurethane foam rubber.

Sophistication and warmth without giving up functionality: teak and wood-effect aluminium


Mediterranean in its genes. The DNA family, a collection designed by José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales, has constantly evolved and expanded with new elements in recent years. As a matter of fact, this collection is currently expanding itself with DNA Teak and DNA. Whereas the first bet for the genuine warmth and the properties of teak wood, the line that gave rise to the DNA collecton, DNA, is made with thermolacquered aluminium profiles covered by high resistance powder paint. In both cases, the durability of structures and upholstery -removable and produced in waterproof fabric- is assured.

The teak is a hard tropical wood classified as the most suitable wood for outdoor furniture, as it is extremely durable, stable, waterproof and weather resistant, and this is due to its high levels of natural oils that result in moisture absorption. The teak used in GANDIABLASCO furniture is obtained by selecting the best logs from the highest quality woods in Indonesia, controlled according to strict environmental standards.

We unveil a new finish for the DNA designs: loungers, chill beds, armchairs, sofas, tables, chairs, benches, pouffes and even a kitchen table are now available in a wood-effect aluminium finish. This material is a guarantee of the warmth, the strength and the durability of aluminium exposed to the weather and it reconnects with our Mediterranean essence.


The wood-effect aluminium is presented in Golden oak and teak, brown tones that match the anodized aluminium color and all the thermolacquered colors available in our catalogue.

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