Gandia Blasco Group x NIU Houses

October 19, 2023 | Events / Gandia Blasco Group /

Fran Silvestre unveils his innovative concept of contemporary real estate featuring a curated selection of GANDIABLASCO designs.


On September 21st, within the framework of Feria Hábitat Valencia we joined Fran Silvestre Arquitectos in the presentation of Spain’s first life-sized architecture exhibition at the new NIU Houses in the residential area of Campolivar, Godella (Valencia).

This exclusive event, in collaboration with Porcelanosa and Range Rover, provided attendees with a unique opportunity to explore a groundbreaking exhibition of fully furnished contemporary homes, complete with gardens and swimming pools, all installed on their respective plots. The NIU Houses showroom in Campolivar represents a departure from traditional approaches such as model apartments or reproductions typically seen at construction expos. The domestic architectures present in NIU N220, N230, N320 and N150 constructions, are the first ones executed from the exclusive NIU Houses catalog, which comprises a total of eight designs of different sizes and features.

With NIU Houses, Silvestre has managed to breathe life into a revolutionary project that redefines the way we conceive contemporary architecture. In fact, the main goal of NIU Houses is to demonstrate that there is another way to build homes, far from conventional methods, through systematized processes that allow for greater speed in construction times, precision, quality in finishes, and an emphasis on energy efficiency.

In addition to the use of innovative industrial production techniques and rigorous systematization, design becomes a fundamental part of NIU Houses. The interior design, executed by the acclaimed Alfaro Hofmann studio for NIU Houses, showcases bespoke pieces tailored to each residence, while our GANDIABLASCO outdoor furniture complements these dream homes, enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of each space.

Specifically, elements from the ONDE collection by Luca Nichetto, MASS by Todd Bracher, FLAT by Mario Ruiz, GBmodular, DNA and DNA TEAK by José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales, BOSC de Made Studio, STACK by Borja García, y BLAU, designed by Fran Silvestre himself for GANDIABLASCO, can be seen. In some of the exhibition areas, designs from the MONA and VENTcollections, edited by our brand Diabla, are also featured.

NIU Houses and Gandia Blasco Group share a common vision of democratizing architecture and design, tirelessly striving to offer innovative and sustainable solutions through the use of recyclable materials to minimize environmental impact. This exhibition underscores our joint commitment to crafting exceptional environments that seamlessly blend contemporary aesthetics with functionality and environmental responsibility.

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