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June 16, 2023 | Events /

Gandia Blasco Group and its main distributor in the Asian country, Parnell, join forces to enrich the design of outdoor environments in South Korea. After several seasons collaborating together with the aim of bringing Diabla to the Korean public through its showroom and participation in cultural events, these two family companies, both passionate about the outdoor lifestyle, have strengthened their ties during a special evening dedicated to GANDIABLASCO.

A unique setting


Opened in November 2018, Villa de Parnell is located in the small and quiet village of Parkgok-ri in Yongin. Spanning over 6,000 square meters, Villa de Parnell’s features contemporary indoor and outdoor furniture showrooms and a small cafe, among other spaces.

Villa de Parnell | © Parnell


On the occasion of its launch together with Parnell, GANDIABLASCO starred in different settings and outdoor spaces throughout the Villa: from a splendid dinner with GBModular tables and benches by José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales, to a brunch area and multiple corners equipped with designs from the collections ONDE by Lucas Nichetto, ONSEN by Francesco Meda & David Quincoces, SOLANAS by Daniel Germani, ISLA by Sebastian Herkner, and PICNIC by José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales.

GANDIABLASCO Collections | © Parnell


The gardens with their shallow reflecting pools on gray pebbles and concrete paving stoneswere the ideal setting in which to showcase some of the brand’snew products alongside the already iconic collections in its catalog. They are all timeless ranges that speak the same contemporary architectural language, defined by the mark of simplicity of the Mediterranean lifestyle.

Interview with Jenny Parnell


Since its founding in 1979, Parnell has been involved in a variety of projects. Back in 2019, you launched your own outdoor lifestyle brand under the slogan “Introducing New Outdoor Life to Korea,” with a proposition that had not been seen before in the country. How would you define your design concept?


As the name Parnell comes from New Zealand, a lot of our family members were brought up in NZ so we are very close to nature. We appreciate the nature and enjoy a lot of time outside so it was very natural for us to outdoor lifestyle brand.
I believe Parnell’s design concept is about “appreciation, appreciating nature, appreciating architecture and appreciating people.”


As a family company passionate about outdoor lifestyle, what is Parnell’s vision for enriching the design of outdoor environments in South Korea? What are the important aspects that you consider when selecting the brands you collaborate with – such as GANDIABLASCO and Diabla, brands of Gandia Blasco Group?


Korean consumers are very sensitive to trends and change rapidly We believe this is also helping the outdoor furniture market grow significantly. Parnell has been introducing the high-end outdoor lifestyle to the Korean market for about six years. I thought I needed furniture with a design suitable for the rapidly developing Korean architecture and landscape design, so I really wanted to introduce Gandia Blasco to Korean consumers. I also wanted to introduce the Diabla brand for the younger consumers.

Diabla SAIL Poufs (up). GANDIABLASCO’s ONSEN set (down) | © Parnell


How did you come up with the idea of transforming Parnell Villa into a Mediterranean garden for the official launch of GANDIABLASCO in South Korea? What is the significance of this event for both companies?


I was very inspired when I visited Gandia Blasco HQ in Ontinyent, Valencia so I wanted to re-create the same atmosphere so I can inspire the Korean designers.
For the Event, I wanted to introduce Gandia Blasco’s DNA to Korean designers and customers.


The importance of sharing moments with family and friends, the rich gastronomic tradition, the celebration of outdoor living, the appreciation for design and aesthetics… Do you think the Korean and Mediterranean lifestyles have many similarities despite their cultural and geographical differences?


Yes, the lifestyle itself is very different but I found the similarity in the people.
We both love spending time with our loved ones and appreciating the nature connects the 2 different culture.

Parnell Team (up). Event room (down) | © Parnell


Villa de Parnell is a unique destination in Korea for design and architecture lovers, how do you think GANDIABLASCO’s designs complement or blend in with the villa’s architecture?


When I was planning Villa de Parnell with the architect, the plan was to stay simple, do add too much details and focus on design that can compliment the nature. And I think that concept connects with the design of Gandia Blasco.
Gandia Blasco’s design is very simple & sophisticated. Eventhough the designs are very unique and outstanding yet it still compliments the architecture / nature.


The landscape of Villa de Parnell offers a stunning natural setting. Are there any aspects of the landscape that particularly influenced the selection of GANDIABLASCO’s collections and pieces for Villa de Parnell?


As we have this beautiful landscape that changes colour and shape all through the year, I wanted to add a modern material – Aluminium but in colour wise, I wanted the colors to be more nature inspired so Green / Brown colours were part of the collection.


What role do the materials used in GANDIABLASCO’s designs play in achieving aesthetic and visual coherence with the architecture of Parnell Villa and the surrounding landscape? Have specific materials been selected to create a harmony with the nature and architectural elements present in the villa?


I think the concept of GANDIABLASCO& Parnell connects in a way that it compliments the nature and architecture so all the material and colours that GANDIABLASCO uses are all very inspiring to Parnell and it creates a harmony.

Thank you!

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