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November 16, 2023 | Collections /

The new Outdoor 2024 catalog brings together the latest collections from GANDIABLASCO, DIABLA, and GAN


With a strong proposal to explore dwelling without considering residing, we unveil the Outdoor Annex 2024. An exercise in researching unique places that can be significantly transformed through the proposals conceived for the three brands –GANDIABLASCO, DIABLA, and GAN– alongside leading international figures in the industry. This year, maintaining optimal performance outdoors, surprising in these uncommon architectural spaces with new aesthetics and finishes.

Outdoor Annex 2024 Gandia Blasco Group



Projecting Fluid Interiors and Exteriors


Projecting fluid interiors and exteriors, linked both spatially and visually, is a very contemporary architectural concept. Some places address it in an uncommon way, such as the circular dwelling designed by Office KGDVS for the Solo Houses project in the Spanish region of Matarraña, and the nearby church of Corbera d’Ebre, masterfully restored by Ferran Vizoso. Architectures that deviate from the norm and that GANDIABLASCO approaches from another innovative perspective: seeking to evolve their habitability through the designs in their catalog. An exercise in escaping the usual channels, thus generating spaces that are doubly uncommon, both by their nature and by the furniture proposal.

Outdoor Annex 2024 Gandia Blasco Group / Corberà d’Ebre church. GBmodular collection / Solo Houses. MASS collection & IRIS coffee tables

Nuevos tejidos, nuevos looks


We have introduced new textiles which, in addition to providing a new aesthetic to our collections while maintaining a high performance level in outdoor environments. GANDIABLASCO has incorporated the Libera fabric by Dedar Milano, a soft and textured design that reproduces the voluminous and irregular structure of the trending upholstery of the moment: bouclé.

New fabric 2024: LIBERA by Dedar. Colours: neige, rice and smoke

LADEMADERA by Francesco Meda & David Quincoces


LADEMADERA is a collection designed by Francesco Meda & David Quincoces that elevates the beauty of teak wood to outdoor furniture. The collection was born with the intention of including in the GANDIABLASCO universe a collection that is eminently made of wood and has an aesthetic and language in harmony with the brand, whose hallmark material has always been aluminum.

LADEMADERA collection. Black aluminium, teak wood and Libera Neige fabric / SALINE rug black. terracotta

ERNO by Alejandra Gandía-Blasco


ERNO consists of 3 poufs and 3 backs of different sizes with minimal structural elements: cork, foam, and recycled joining systems that allow these padded poufs to be joined in different seating configurations depending on the type of space and the number of people enjoying it.

ERNO collection. Silvertex Ice fabric / MIRIS coffee tables. WARM range

IRIS by Alejandra Gandía-Blasco


IRIS is the new collection of high, low and auxiliary tables by Alejandra Gandía-Blasco with 12 different designs. This versatile series has dimensions that complement all the outdoor furniture collections of the GANDIABLASCO brand.

IRIS collection. COLD range: coffee tables 45×45 and D63x47 / Coffee tables. WARM and STORMY ranges

GBMODULAR by José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales


GBMODULAR is a constructive system that evokes classic metal construction games and performs a synthesis exercise to articulate, with the minimum industrial elements, a wide typology of furniture.

GBMODULAR collection. Expansion with lounge chair, mirror and sideboard. Dark gold anodized finish

MASS by Todd Bracher


From nine components – three seat modules, two asymmetrical backs, one back of different lengths, one back with the possibility of assembly on both sides or one side, and one curved back – a MASS space can generate multiple possibilities for socialization.

MASS collection. Expansion with hexagonal module & backrests. Libera Rice and Iris Beige 403, Domino 406, and Black 200 fabrics

CAPA by Søren Rose


CAPA is a collection of minimalist outdoor furniture that combines functional sense, aesthetic sensitivity, and sustainability is expanded in 2023 with a dining armchair, a chaise lounge, and various dining and coffee tables.

CAPA collection. Expansion with dining table and dining armchair. DIAMOND green-grey rug / Chaise Lounge. Libera Neige fabric

OUTDOOR SPACES. FLEX PÉRGOLAS by José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales & Collaboration with Gensler


With a clear focus on microarchitecture, GANDIABLASCO presents a new collection of PERGOLAS created by José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales in collaboration with Gensler Product Design Consulting.
A tailor-made solution that satisfies the specific needs of each client and environment, with a clear focus on the new trend of lounge workspaces.

FLEX PERGOLAS. Wide and versatile spaces, from roofed shelters to live outside 365 of the year to workspaces



A firm commitment to the magic of cinema applied to experimentation in outdoor space


For the new season, DIABLA proposes an immersion in the golden years of cinema to reclaim its valuable architectural heritage. A journey through dream temples that, around film premieres and screenings, generated a rich social life in a combination of fantasy and emotions. Captured in the DIABLA style, these surprising and unique outdoor scenes are dressed up.

Old Daisy Theatre. ARP, PLISY, PATOSO, GOBI and LILLY collections

Kings Theatre. CLIP, SAIL and DIAMOND rug collections. / Rko Temple Theatre. LILLY, COSTURAS and DIAMOND rug collections

Rko Temple Theatre. SAIL, PLISY UP, LILLY, COSTURAS, GOBI and DIAMOND rug collections


Both GANDIABLASCO and DIABLA add new additions to their fabric repertoire for 2024. From Reviva, an Italian company specializing in the production of PET fabrics from recycled plastic containers, they present captivating weaves and design patterns.


In addition, Alejandra Gandía-Blasco has created, in collaboration with a musicologist, a series of fabrics inspired by the harlequins of the Commedia dell’Arte.

New fabrics 2024: REVIVA IRIS and AMELIA in PET recycled & recyclable / COMEDIA DEL ARTE fabrics



2024 marks a milestone for GAN’s outdoor design line, crafted from sustainable materials like recycled PET. The line of pure craftsmanship made a significant impact with the Mangas Space collection conceived by Patricia Urquiola a decade ago.


Collections, stemming from the design of a rug, with modules and bespoke accessories, enable the creation of flexible and casual spaces. In homage, we present its outdoor version using recycled PET threads, also utilized in the design of our new rugs.

MANGAS OUTDOOR by Patricia Urquiola


The iconic Mangas Original and Mangas Space collections, envisioned by Patricia Urquiola, left an indelible mark on the design world with their modular and three-dimensional elements. Now, MANGAS OUTDOOR reflects the same volume, texture, and comfort with materials specially designed for outdoor use, including rugs and covers handcrafted with 100% recycled PET. “We have chosen colors that evoke the natural landscape, such as terracotta, stone gray, white, and touches of blue,” says Urquiola.

MANGAS OUTDOOR collection. Blue/brown rugs and modules. Multicolour pouf

SALINE by Made Studio


SALINE, from Made Studio, brings texture and warmth to outdoor spaces with a carefully selected palette of neutral and timeless colors. The collection is presented in four versions that traverse different earthy and mineral tones, achieved through the combination of different ropes — smooth or zigzag-patterned — made from 100% recycled PET fibers, dyed, spun, and hand-braided.

SALINE collection. Terracotta rug / ONSEN collection

CITRUS by Jorge Garaje


Oranges, limes, and lemons take center stage in CITRUS, three outdoor rugs made from 100% recycled PET and created by Jorge Garaje. The rounded contours of the citrus fruits stand out behind a diagonal grid that simulates the traditional mesh in which fruits are sold. A resilient material and an acidic color palette in various shades of orange, green, and yellow make them ideal pieces for lively and dynamic spaces.

CITRUS collection. Lemon and orange rugs



The extensive offering is complemented by GAN CUSTOM, the program that allows adapting rugs to any space, both indoors and outdoors, with virtually unlimited options in terms of color, size, technique, and shape.

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