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November 3, 2023 | Gandia Blasco Group /

Membership in this benchmark forum highlights our continued dedication to promoting excellence and a culture of sustainable luxury.


It has been ten years since Gandia Blasco Group was elected a member of Círculo Fortuny, Spain’s leading association of brands and companies in the high-end sector, whose mission is to preserve and promote the country’s cultural and creative heritage.


This alliance responds to the commitment to excellence and the synergy between innovation and tradition that in the current context sustains the identity of brands such as those that make up our family company, founded in 1941 by José Gandía Blasco and specialized in the design and edition of furniture and outdoor spaces -more than furniture, a lifestyle- and in the handcrafted creation of designer rugs.

José A. Gandía-Blasco. President and Creative Director at Gandia Blasco Group


Círculo Fortuny is a non-profit association created to unite in a common forum the Spanish sector of prestigious cultural and creative brands and to promote and defend their own entity, highlighting their quality and excellence. In the case of Gandia Blasco Group and our three brands, GANDIABLASCO, GAN y DIABLA, our trajectory has been marked by constant reinvention and the promotion of design culture.

DNA Collection (GANDIABLASCO) | Mangas Outdoor Collection (GAN) | Easy Collection (DIABLA)

In the words of José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales, “with this association we reflect our responsibility with the promotion of excellence in areas such as the culture of design, art, architecture, craftsmanship… For us, design is not about a beautiful product but constitutes a statement of intent in itself: design is culture.”

Gandia Blasco’s headquarter

El Círculo Fortuny is part of the European Creative and Cultural Industries Alliance (ECCIA), composed of six other leading high-end associations in Europe: Comité Colbert (France), Altagamma (Italy), Walpole (UK), Meisterkreis (Germany), Gustaf III Kommitté (Sweden), and Laurel (Portugal). This alliance, which encompasses more than 600 European brands and cultural institutions, responds to the importance of the European high-end sector as a key factor for sustainable development, as well as for its contribution to economic well-being, competitiveness and creativity in Europe.

Being a member of an association that shares values in line with those of other European organizations, some of which have a track record spanning decades, means being part of a network rooted in the history and cultural fabric of Europe. Being part of it acquires an even more enriching meaning when considering that the honorary members of this association are institutions of such cultural relevance in Spain as the National Library of Spain, the Reina Sofía Museum or the Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum, to mention just a few.


Together with the top representatives of the ECCIA, the Círculo Fortuny strengthens its global influence by meeting periodically with administrations, public bodies and supranational entities. In fact, they recently met in Brussels with Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, to highlight the relevance of the 600 high-end companies that make up the ECCIA and their impact on the European economy, as well as to highlight their priorities and specifically those that can fit into the EC’s political agenda in areas such as skills, digitalization or sustainability.

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