Celebrating the “Night at the Museum 2023” at the Valencia’s Fine Arts Museum: contemporary art and design

October 2, 2023 | Events / Gandia Blasco Group /

LZF Lamps and Gandia Blasco Group: a creative synergy that surprises once again at the Museum of Fine Arts of Valencia during the València Design Fest.


For a month, we will exhibit pieces designed by creators such as Kengo Kuma for GAN or Bodo Sperlein for LZF Lamps, alongside the museum’s collections. These pieces have been carefully chosen to highlight the historical use of the noble material of wood in the crafting of furniture and various handicrafts over the centuries.


On occasion of the celebration of València Design Fest and the Habitat Fair 2023, the leading international event in the industry, Gandia Blasco Group has once again partnered with LZF Lamps for an exhibition located in one of our homeland’s primary cultural centers: Museum of Fine Arts of Valencia (MuBAV).

right. Museum of Fine Arts of Valencia | left. LZF Lamps & Gandia Blasco Group collections


In the second edition of NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM, with an event that brought together art, design and gastronomy, on September 19 we inaugurated an exhibition born from the desire to enhance the value of natural materials and craftsmanship, creating a unique and unforgettable experience on wood design, around which have been forged ancient methods that reveal the craftsmanship of various cultures.


With free admission, the exhibition will be open to the public for one month, until October 19th.


MuBAV is particularly renowned for its collections of Valencian medieval painting and its exceptional exhibits from the late ninete-enth and first half of the twentieth century, often referred to as the ‘Silver Age’ of Valencian art. Among these collections, the works of the painter Joaquín Sorolla shine particularly brightly. Notably, this exhibition is part of a major monographic exhibition in collaboration with the María Cristina Masaveu Peterson Foundation, dedicated to the Valencian painter in commemoration of the centenary of his death. The exhibition’s assembly draws inspiration from a design by the architect Lina Bo Bardi (1914-1992).

AME rug. GOZ collection (Kengo Kuma) | WALKING FISH lamp (Isidro Ferrer & Mariví Calvo) and ESTELA lamp (Mayice Studio)

right. ERNO poufs composition (Alejandra Gandía-Blasco) | left. SAIL pouf (Héctor Serrano) & ESTELA lamp, designed by Mayice

KIRI rug. GOZ collection (Kengo Kuma) | ESTELA lamp (Mayice Studio) & SMELLY FANT lamp (Isidro Ferrer & Mariví Calvo)

Contribution of Valencian design to the art world


The director of the MuBAV, Pablo González Tornel, stated: “The Museum of Fine Arts of Valencia is once again collaborating with the most prestigious Valencian designers to celebrate València as the epicenter of the arts.” González Tornel emphasized, “Mariví Calvo and Alejandra Gandia-Blasco are the contemporary links in a chain of excellent artists, of which Joanes, Ribera, or Sorolla have also been a part.” He concluded, “In the Sorolla Year, it’s essential to assert that Valencia’s artistic vitality isn’t a thing of the past; it projects into the future with the same vigor as during the time of Blasco Ibáñez.”

Left to right: Alejandra Gandía-Blasco, Pablo Gonzalez Tornel & Marí Calvo


Thus, alongside Sorolla’s works, visitors can explore contemporary design pieces that reflect on the use of wood as a noble and ancient material from various perspectives and approaches. On this occasion, LZF Lamps, renowned for merging craftsmanship, natural wood, and artistic design, introduces VOLIERE a new collection by German designer Bodo Sperlein. Meanwhile, Gandia Blasco Group, along with our brand GAN presents GOZ, a series of hand-woven carpets designed by the renowned Japanese architect Kengo Kuma. Woven with strips of wool and teak wood, this collection harmonizes with LZF Lamps’ collection, which also handcrafts its lamps with natural wood veneers.

Visual interplay between history and modernity


This installation and its museographic presentation evoke the essence of blending art with design, a core element in the DNA of both Gandia Blasco Group and LZF Lamps. NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM 2023, with the support of the Fundació del Disseny de la Comunitat Valenciana and Habitat Valencia Fair, is a part of the agenda of activities in a new edition of Valencia Design Fest. Throughout the month of September, this event brings together national and international companies and professionals to firsthand experience local talent, the city’s creative vibrancy, and the latest in Mediterranean design.


Warmth and beauty. With a clear environmental awareness, the exhibition focuses on the origin and life cycle of the wood used in the production of the pieces on display, selected according to criteria of sustainability and proximity.

Dialogue between contemporary industrial design and classical art. In the room featuring Gothic and Renaissance altarpieces at MuBAV, renowned for housing one of the best collections of its kind, we have furnished the space with designs from our brand Gandiablasco. These pieces of furniture share a common thread of embodying the genuine contemporary Mediterranean architectural language, durability, respect for the environment, and a commitment to excellence in all aspects of design and contemporary craftsmanship. The selected designs include the GBMODULAR benches by José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales, strategically placed in front of iconic artworks, and the ERNO modular upholstered poufs by Alejandra Gandía-Blasco, creating seating islands that provide a panoramic view of the artworks.

It creates a visual and conceptual dialogue between historical artworks and contemporary design and craft pieces, illustrating how different eras and creative approaches intertwine and influence each other.

Contemporary Art with LAVAC


Gandia Blasco Group once again participates in the acquisition awards organized by the Association of Contemporary Art Galleries of the Valencian Community (LAVAC).


As part of the eleventh edition of Abierto Valencia, one of the most prominent events in the artistic and cultural sphere of the Valencian Community, which took place from September 22nd to 29th, Gandia Blasco Group once again participated in the acquisition awards organized by the Association of Contemporary Art Galleries of the Valencian Community (LAVAC). On this occasion, the company has added the work “Recorrer los restos” by Adrián Jorques, presented by the Vangar gallery, to its art collection.

“Recorrer los restos” by Adrián Jorques.


One more year, Abierto Valencia awarded acquisition prizes by the Department of Culture for the “Best Exhibition” and by the València City Council for the “Outstanding Artist.” In addition to Gandia Blasco Group, other organizations and entities have been part of the acquisition program, such as the Hortensia Herrero Foundation, the DKV collection, Makma, the Juan José Castellano Comenge Foundation, the MARTE Contemporary Art Fair of Castelló, the La Escalera Collection, the Kells Collection, and the Biohub Life Science Art Collection.

About of Gandia Blasco Group


Gandia Blasco Group is a Mediterranean family company known for its expertise in the design and edition of outdoor furniture and spaces – more than furniture, a lifestyle – and in the handcrafted creation of designer rugs. The group operates in a diversified way through its three brands: GANDIABLASCO, GAN, and DIABLA, each with its own distinctive personality.

Founded in 1941 by José Gandía Blasco and originally dedicated to the manufacture of yarns and blankets, the company has stood out for a solid trajectory marked by constant reinvention and the promotion of design culture. Today, the company is presided over by José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales, a member of the second generation of the family, followed by his children Álvaro Gandía-Blasco, Vice President and Commercial Director, and Alejandra Gandía-Blasco, the group’s Creative and Communications Director.

With its historical headquarters in Ontinyent (Valencia, Spain) and a presence in more than 75 countries, its main flagship stores are located in New York’s Soho Design District and in the hearts of cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, and Lisbon. The company continues to expand and is constantly experimenting and innovating with renowned international designers and architects.

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