Gandia Blasco Group at the Salone del Mobile. Milano 2022

June 15, 2022 | Gandia Blasco Group /

At a stand designed exclusively by Kengo Kuma, Gandia Blasco Group presented the new GANDIABLASCO, GAN and DIABLA collections at the 60th Salone del Mobile. Milano. The Valencian family company, specialized through its three brands in the design and manufacture of furniture and outdoor spaces and the creation and handmade production of rugs, has once again attended this unmissable global event for the universe of design and interior design.


Ambiences gently evoked by hand-made lattices with Valencian wooden blinds welcomed the different product categories of the Gandia Blasco Group, evoking the layout of the traditional sudare screens. All this, in a clear manifestation of the philosophy of the acclaimed Japanese architect, characterized by the revision of the constructive legacy of his native country to bring it up to date, always prioritizing local materials and a sense of harmony with the natural environment.

In this intimate refuge of wood and the play of light and shadow, Kengo Kuma himself and designers such as Todd Bracher, Luca Nichetto, Sebastian Herkner, Francesco Meda, David Quincoces, Álvaro Catalán de Ocón, Charlotte Lancelot, Clara von Zweigbergk, Teresa Sapey, OiKo Design Office, Borja García, Mut Design, Democràcia Estudio, José A. Gandía-Blasco and Alejandra Gandía-Blasco have uncovered their new creations for GANDIABLASCO, GAN and DIABLA.


The Kengo Kuma & Associates stand for Gandia Blasco Group will be reused in the next fairs of the sector in which the company is present, such as Feria Hábitat Valencia or imm Cologne and, finally, it will be installed in one of the warehouses that constitute the headquarters of the group in Ontinyent (Valencia) since its foundation in 1941.

GANDIABLASCO, GAN and DIABLA, which over the years have managed to build a strong and recognizable identity in their respective areas by committing to design at all levels, are grateful for the support of visitors, clients and collaborators and are proud to have actively participated at the Salone del Mobile.Milano 2022 reflection on the crucial incorporation of sustainability and environmental awareness in furniture production and the urgent ecological transition in the world of design.

GANDIABLASCO: Todd Bracher, Luca Nichetto, Sebastian Herkner, José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales and the tandem formed by Francesco Meda and David Quincoces sign the new outdoor furniture designs.


IBZ, MASS, ONSEN, GB MODULAR, ONDE, ISLA, are the new collections conceived by the aforementioned designers, with which the company explores new ways of living outdoors in dialogue with the environment, social interaction and well-being in open spaces.


This year, GANDIABLASCO has demonstrated interesting advances in the field of outdoor space design, as a result of interest in innovation, new materials and durability and sustainability criteria that are naturally and transversally integrated into the creation of its collections. The company, a benchmark of style and avant-garde in the design sector with more than 80 years of experience and a presence in 75 countries, has been represented in Milan by its president and creative director, José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales, and some of the internationally renowned designers with whom they collaborate.

GAN: A look into the future through new sustainable and artisanal rug designs devised by Kengo Kuma, Álvaro Catalán de Ocón, Charlotte Lancelot and Clara von Zweigbergk.


With the desire to contribute both to the revaluation of artisanal techniques and to encourage the social and environmental commitment of design, GAN has unveiled to the world its new releases designed together with great creative talents and handcrafted in India.


The master Kengo Kuma has created GOZ, a collection of rugs made with wool and teak wood, with which he shows us his vision of craftsmanship through listening to the materials. PLASTIC RIVERS, designed by Álvaro Catalán de Ocón, is a series of four hand-made rugs made with recycled plastic fiber that, paradoxically, accurately reflect the aerial views of four of the most polluted rivers on the planet.
REVERSIBLE, by Charlotte Lancelot, is an innovative GAN space that has no back or front: with a simple twist you can turn your rugs and poufs upside down, to show their wooly side in the winter months and their cotton side and linen in the warmer months. Finally, Clara von Zweigbergk has created THE CROCHET COLLECTION, four contemporary designs in which color contributes to enhancing the immense possibilities of crochet in the world of decoration.


Likewise, the firm has shown the new customization possibilities for contract and residential projects offered by the GAN Custom program.

DIABLA: Creative freedom, outdoor fun and sustainable materials in innovative furniture collections created by Teresa Sapey + Partners, Alejandra Gandía-Blasco, OiKo Design Office, José A. Gandía-Blasco, Borja García, Mut Design and Democràcia Estudio.


The launches that the youngest brand of the Gandia Blasco Group has presented at the company’s stand at the largest international design fair are COSTURAS, conceived by Teresa Sapey + Partners; CALCETÍN, PATOSO, VALENTINA UP and the PLISY lamps series, by Alejandra Gandía-Blasco; BALCONI, conceived together with OiKo Design Office; TRIP, a series created by José A. Gandía-Blasco and Borja García that has been expanded once again with new elements; GRILL, by Mut Design, and LILLY, by Democràcia Estudio.

The reinterpretation of the use of everyday objects, the reinvention of traditional outdoor furniture and the exploration of the creative potential of post-consumer plastic waste are the main features of collections born to respond to new ways of enjoying the outdoors during the four Seasons with sparkle, style and dynamism.


Alejandra Gandía-Blasco, creative director of DIABLA and deputy creative and communication director of GANDIABLASCO, has come to Milan with her team to present daring, ingenious and light creations made specifically for private spaces and contract installations that not only bring something new to the world of design, but are also the expression of new lifestyles.

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