DNA extension: new designs with the same quintessence

May 2, 2022 | Collections /

The attraction to Mediterranean light is part of the DNA of the Gandia-Blasco family. And this collection inspired by the games of light and shadows of the window shutters that are typical in the houses of the Mediterranean coast could not have any other name than DNA. Two years after its launch, the DNA TEAK series was born to recast our GANDIABLASCO catalogue by combining the chestnut tones of wood with the white and grey characteristic of the aluminium structures.

New faux wood aluminium
Today, the DNA collection continues to grow and, just a few months after the premiere of the lattice category with CELOSÍAS, it welcomes five new references made in faux wood aluminium. From the dining tables, with an optional glass surface, to the serving cart, passing through the XL modular 2 (the only new piece in the series that can also be produced in teak wood) and the new versions of twin double chill bed and Al Fresco sofa. They all have the warmth of wood and the signature of José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales, creative director of GANDIABLASCO, as their common denominator.

The new faux wood aluminium finish is precisely an innovative material that unites the warmth and naturalness of the wood with the functionality of aluminium: the one emblematic material of GANDIABLASCO. Beyond its aesthetic function, this unusual combination offers greater durability with less maintenance, placing outdoor furniture at the service of rational beauty.


The innovative DNA construction system makes it possible to build bar panels to combine them in order to obtain highly complex structures thanks to the connection between profiles by means of fittings and studs specifically developed for this purpose and which require to be custom made and manually assembled.

The new DNA designs maintain the architectural character of the collection in its most versatile essence
Through elegant and timeless models, capable of integrating into any environment: from private gardens to large contract facilities. The key to adaptability lies in the design, marked by its geometric lines and structural austerity: designs that divest themselves of any superfluous ornament. Personalization is another of GANDIABLASCO’s values. Therefore, the new references of the DNA family are also expressed in a wide range of colors, fabrics and materials offering a wide variety of combinations that are adaptable to each space and to the rest of elements of the same family.

The DNA collection, as well as the new additions that extend this essential line of outdoor furniture, is designed to redefine the concept of outdoor wellness.

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