SOLANAS extension: classics that last thanks to their aesthetic , functionality and versatility

June 28, 2022 | Collections / Designers /

Inspired by the dunes of Solanas beach, as well as the way its people live and enjoy the outdoors by the sea, Daniel Germani expands the series with designs as sophisticated and special as a Tu&Yo sofa, a partition wall and a 3-seater sofa, among others. The memories shared under the Uruguayan sun come to life wrapped in the Mediterranean breeze.


The SOLANAS novelties embody Germani’s avant-garde vision of design, its extraordinary aesthetic sensibility and its unique creative approach to imagine applications for the ultra-resistant surfaces of Dekton®, one of the flagship products of the Cosentino brand.


The new SOLANAS single-leg tables —in high and low versions — combine the durability and beauty of natural stone with thermo-lacquered aluminium profiles, the material essence of GANDIABLASCO, creating a perfect match.

Another of the most unusual pieces among those recently incorporated into SOLANAS is the partition wall, a simple and functional accessory when reconfiguring and delimiting uses and environments. The SOLANAS parition wall reinterprets the classic wooden structures in a design with contemporary lines made entirely of aluminium sheet, like the rest of the references in the collection.


Through the large dimensions of another of the new SOLANAS pieces, the 140-centimeter long XL sectional 2 one can guess that, for Daniel Germani, there is an inescapable connection between enjoying the outdoors and socializing.


On the other hand, the Tu&Yo sofa, as well as the 3-seater sofa, express like no other designs the concept of intimacy and well-being based on which GANDIABLASCO imagines outdoor spaces to be enjoyed throughout the four seasons.

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