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Private House Sierra de Madrid

The flexible and creative nature of Cristina Amigo's Multiespacio Atelier-Living in the mountains of Madrid fits perfectly with GANDIABLASCO's vision of generating hybrid environments with diverse facets and uses. Interior architect Cristina Amigo has chosen two of GANDIABLASCO's most emblematic collections to design two outdoor dining rooms under the porches that open out onto the project. This Atelier-Living®, a concept coined by its creator to define a lifestyle or ecosystem stripped of limits and superficial ornaments, takes shape in a rustic house with a modern air in which she has opted for materials that are bare, natural and without artifice.

Thus, natural wood, stone and fire contrast and define the character of this warm and dynamic place, in which aluminium and outdoor textiles from GANDIABLASCO add a contemporary and minimalist note. On the one hand, the home extends the indoor experience outdoors through the DNA lounge, composed of three-seater Norman sofas and two 91 cm low tables, both elements inspired by the traditional horizontal geometries of Japanese architecture, also characteristic of Mediterranean shutters. These elegant and timeless designs by José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales, with a structure built with machined aluminium profiles, are presented in this project with a raw anodized finish and incorporating mats and cushions in Soft Natté Grey Chiné fabrics.

In another of the intermediate areas between indoors and outdoors, prepared to combat low temperatures and designed to enjoy the outdoors all year round, are the pieces of the FLAT collection, designed by Mario Ruiz for GANDIABLASCO and inspired by a modular construction system. A large table, more than two metres long, accommodates four chairs per side, delimiting a multipurpose seating area in direct contact with nature. The 270 FLAT high table is made of solid slats and profiles in bronze-colored thermo-lacquered aluminium, while the top, also available in 100% recyclable white polyethylene slats, is covered with the ultra-compact Dekton® by Cosentino surface in the radium shade. The armless FLAT chairs, on the other hand, are very light and comfortable thanks to the matching upholstered fabrics and removable covers in Soft Natté Carbon Beige technical fabric.

Cristina Amigo, who started her homonymous studio more than 18 years ago, specialises in the design of multi-spaces for people who do not separate their areas of activity in the place where they live. That is why the designer has chosen GANDIABLASCO furniture to trace what, in her words, are "interior-exteriors in which they blur the boundaries to make them infinite."

Throughout the development of the project, Cristina Amigo has intervened in the diaphanous and open distribution, the location of the living room and the fireplace -volved in the height of 6 metres-, leaving exposed concrete, iron and wood beams and pillars, as well as in the conceptualization of lighting and landscaping, among other aspects, prioritising a rustic industrial and eclectic style.

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Mario Ruiz

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