Phuket, Thailand


Ensombra / 356 (Diabla)

Kata Rocks Resort & Residence

The secret of tropical living is hidden in a sophisticated and contemporary way at Kata Rocks Resort & Residence. Conceived by Original Vision as an ultra-exclusive apartment complex in Phuket, Kata Rocks Resort & Residence is one of the Gandia Blasco Group's contract projects in Thailand.

In this five-star resort that many describe as paradise on Earth we feel like we are flying over the Andaman Sea if we look out from the stunning Sky Villas, Ocean Penthouses or Ocean Lofts. The architectural project emphasizes an essential design that pays homage to the fantastic views of the site and takes advantage of the natural slope. The design of the interior and exterior spaces also stands out for its clean lines, which are crafted in neutral and serene colors such as Mediterranean white, one of the main colors of GANDIABLASCO's DNA.

The air and the sea merge on the horizon are reflected by the blue of the large swimming pool, where we can bathe before resting on the ergonomic 356 sun loungers, from our brand DIABLA. Being partially submerged, we feel as if we are entering into the reflection of the sky within the water at sunset. With a compact and sinuous design, and made of 100% recyclable polyethylene, these pieces have an impressive and surprising aesthetic. Through these pieces, we play with the lights and shadows of the ENSOMBRA sunshade, one of the most ingenious designs in our GANDIABLASCO catalogue. ENSOMBRA reinterprets the fan opening and closing mechanism, giving life to a designer parasol that folds and unfolds on a slat to produce a unique effect.

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