Outdoor Experiences by GANDIABLASCO: Pergolas with smart lighting

October 27, 2021 | Collections /

Our new pergolas with smart lighting bring the Mediterranean lifestyle to new professional environments


The designing of co-working spaces –from meeting and training rooms to a stand for a work fair– increasingly prioritizes the criteria of versatility, flexibility and dynamism. It is about creating functional environments that favour connection and cooperation without giving up the feeling of intimacy that is necessary for concentration and creativity.


In Gandia Blasco Group, we have been contracted to complete corporate projects all over the world through our different brands (GANDIABLASCO, GAN and Diabla), reimagines one of our most emblematic outdoor designs to take advantage of new technologies and adapt them to contemporary trends in all types of workplaces. The LED lighting system in the new PERGOLAS by GANDIABLASCO can be controlled from a mobile app.


Our new PERGOLAS WITH SMART LIGHTING are a technological evolution of the PERGOLA collection designed by José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales more than 20 years ago with the goal of reinterpreting traditional designs in wood and turning them from furniture into small-scale architecture. Like the rest of the collection, they are made with the same design of aluminium profiles which characterise our most iconic furniture collections, and give them a base which uses durable and easy-to-maintain materials.


Pergolas Module 1, RAL 5008 Grey Blue. Fixed canvas ceiling, Soltis white fabric. Wind White curtains

Integrated home autonomation and centralized control of lighting, compatible with state-of-the-art applications


The internal structure of the PERGOLAS allows for electric wiring to be fitted inside, which enables you to install lighting and USB ports. To install lighting light line outputs are made from a flexible round hose wiring kit with double neoprene insulation. In addition, USB ports can be installed in the columns (2 double IP65 with power supply of 230-12V 30W).


Pergola Module Floor 1, RAL 7031 Blue Grey. Folding ceiling plegable, Soltis light grey fabric. TAU Cosmopolita Sand porcelanic floor. 2 USB ports

The wiring needed for the lights and the USB charging ports comes from IP54 connection box, which is located in the ceiling of the ELECTRIC PERGOLA. The box also houses a 230 Vac light control (MCU-DM_ONE) the allows for regulation of the light intensity of the LED lamps using a remote control (Touch-2G.


The centralized control of the PERGOLAS WITH SMART LIGHTING permits 4 different modes of command: turning on with a switch, RF radio, remote Wifi control (iOS and Android App), and voice-activated control (compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa). Lastly, the App OneSmart turns the installation into an intelligent, automated system which allows you to remotely control it from anywhere in the world.


Effortless personalized solutions in ecosystems prioritize wellbeing and communication


Multiple uses and environments all in one space. The PERGOLAS WITH SMART LIGHTING by GANDIABLASCO offer a wide spectrum of possibilities to customise and scale up thanks to the wide range of sizes, colours and finishes. The curtains and blinds, fixed slats, fixed or foldable canvases and the Nowood or TAU porcelanic flooring are some of the options to make every PERGOLA a unique place.


The various models of the collection are responsible for equipping spaces with compartmentalised design concepts, acting as dividers between rooms or stands. Its open and flexible concept benefits social interaction in the era of online work as well as factors related to wellbeing and efficiency, may it be the optimization of light, heating, sound and aesthetics. In this way, the PERGOLAS WITH SMART LIGHTING are breaking into the interior architecture sector with our new proposal to integrate technology, to respond to the current way of understanding workspaces, meetings and collaboration.


Pergola Module Floor 6. Ceiling and sidewalls Vertical Fixed Blades Type 1, RAL 5008 Grey Blue. Nowood floor. Wind White Curtains

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