Life under the Pergola: an outdoor oasis

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From the velarium of ancient civilizations to balconies to the nature of contemporary design. Centuries and centuries of exciting history have evolved an architectural design whose structure has served hundreds of uses around the world and today is one of the most common features in homes, villas and hotels that want a sustainable solution and design that is easy and quick to install – without the need for any building work – so that one can enjoy the outdoors comfortably in ideal conditions, regardless of the weather.


With more than 25 years of experience in the world of outdoor space design, we have created his very own PERGOLAS collection after spending almost two decades studying the potential of this key element of landscaping and architecture. José A. Gandía-Blasco, creative director of the brand and designer of the collection, has not stopped innovating through concepts, structures and materials, always seeking a to find a balance between the desire to enjoy the outdoors all year round and the need to feel intimacy, comfort and privacy.


The concept behind a terrace has been reinvented; it provides comfort and privacy in a garden area whilst allowing you to take advantage of an outdoor area 365 days a year. The aluminum structure transforms any space into a place of unforgettable moments of enjoyment and relaxation: the choice of dimensions, formats and finishes will depend on the space, style and use of the structure.


With maximum durability, great adaptability and featuring the latest technological advances, GANDIABLASCO’s PÉRGOLAS provide countless advantages and customization options. The new ELECTRIC PERGOLAS, which are compatible with all models, sidewalls and finishes in the collection, integrate electric wiring which allows for the installation of USB ports and intelligent LED lighting, which can be controlled through a mobile app.

An oasis in the fresh air in both summer and winter, without the need for building work or maintenance


In our new proposal for an outdoor environment, we have created comfortable shelters fully integrated into the landscape, featuring a natural swimming pool and lush greenery under the sun. In order to protect yourself from the sun’s rays and stay at a comfortable temperature, a set of “Modules 1” from the PERGOLA series are deployed along the water’s edge, functioning as a smooth transition between the water and land elements, connecting the user with nature.


The roofs and fixed slat features provide shaded areas as well as extra ventilation, privacy and insulation without restricting views or movement. Structural details and slats are all made of the brand’s signature material, aluminium. Due to its resistance and durability, as well as its infinite constructive possibilities, this material is a contemporary, functional and sustainable alternative to wood, which is typical of classic pergolas. The slats in the new teak-effect aluminum finish are in fact reminiscent of wood.

Each of these splendid versions of the PERGOLAS is an inviting cubby measuring 3.6 x 3.6 x 2.5 meters high. Combined with the CHILL daybeds that feature a backrest (1,4 x 2 m), also designed by José A. Gandía-Blasco, they focus the essence of luxury within a truly private suite. Their anodized aluminum structure provides a natural and fresh look, while the warm and soft fabrics used in the cushions and mattresses are suitable for outdoor use during all four seasons and resist exposure to rain and ultraviolet rays.

Even during the months with more inclement weather, the PERGOLAS encourage you to continue enjoying yourself outside. They protect from the wind and can be customized with watertight enclosure options to protect against harsh weather and cold temperatures. As night falls, the Diabla-branded vertical FAROLES lanterns (made of aluminium and methacrylate) that surround the outdoor beds ignite the magical light of their candles. Thanks to the option of electrification, the PÉRGOLAS can be installed with intelligent LED lighting, which can be controlled remotely.

“I always enjoyed the sheltered outdoor areas of my parents’ house, they were my favorite places to play, listen to music, read or take a nap”, recalls José A. Gandía-Blasco.


Today, the PERGOLAS symbolize GANDIABLASCO’s Mediterranean lifestyle and provide a very spacious, energy-efficient and multipurpose modular system that allows for the creation of all kinds of spaces, including small exclusive poolside paradises.

360x360x250h cm / 142x142x98 inch
Frame: Black
Fixed roof slats type 2
Vertical fixed slats type 2
Faux aluminium Teak wood
Internal electrical wiring with neoprene double insulation.
IP54 Connection box with the option to install exit floor lighting (230Vac max 150W) or USB ports (2 IP65 double USBs with a power supply of 230-12V 30W)
Control of MCU-DM_ONE lighting system with the Touch 2G programming, 110/240Vac supply, output power of min. 4W max. 150W (230 Vac) and 4 control modes: cable switch, radio, remote control with iOS and Android App and voice control with Google Home and Alexa.
OneSmart App for home automation.


140x200x24h cm / 55x79x9 inch
Cushions 50×50 cm / Pillows 20×20 inch
Frame: Anodized
Mattress fabric: Soft Agora Liso Brote
Cushion / pillow fabric: Warm Strange Loves Cocco bello


FAROLES (Diabla)
20x20x60h cm / 8x8x24 inch

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