The NYCxDESIGN Awards 2021 recognize the new collections of the three Gandia Blasco Group brands

June 15, 2021 | Gandia Blasco Group

The NYCxDESIGN Awards, presented on 17th and 18th May by the prestigious Interior Design Magazine with the support of New York’s ICFF and Wanted Design fairs, have included GAN, GANDIABLASCO and Diabla‘s new collections among the international highlights of the industry. These creations are the result of the company’s commitment to design, craftsmanship and innovation, as well as its close collaboration with well-known designers from all over the world.


PATCH and CORD, rugs designed by Patricia Urquiola Patricia Urquiola for the collection that GAN exclusively edits for Haworth —leader in workspaces -, have become winners in the Contract Flooring category. Both designs are the result of a partnership with purpose that, in a particularly complex time due to the pandemic, has brought together very different people and realities to guarantee the survival and dignified work of artisanal communities in India.

These collections are made entirely from 100% recycled PET, a very resistant material that adapts perfectly to the work environment. PATCH, made using the dhurrie technique, and hand loomed with PET rope, show that sustainability and high performance can always go hand in hand. Since 2017, GAN, together with other renowned brands in the sector, has been a permanent member of the Haworth Collection, created with the aim of redefining the design of workspaces by projecting more dynamic and warm environments.


The NYCxDESIGN awards, which in previous editions had already awarded other icon design collections from the Gandia Blasco Group, also highlighted GANDIABLASCO and Diabla as finalists in the outdoor furniture category.
CAPA, by Søren Rose for GANDIABLASCO, and GRILL, by MUT Design for Diabla, made it to the podium, invading this section of the competition with their genuine Mediterranean style, their originality and the unquestionable durability of aluminum.

From Gandia Blasco Group we want to congratulate all of the winning professionals and brands, and to thank the organizers of the NYCxDESIGN Awards, as well as Cindy Allen, editor of Interior Design Magazine, for this recognition.

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