ISLA, upholstered volumes for outdoors and indoors

February 28, 2023 | Collections /

ISLA is the name that its creator, the German designer Sebastian Herkner, gave to GAN’s foray into the world of upholstered outdoor furniture in 2020. His first work for the Gandia Blasco Group is now part of our GANDIABLASCO universe. The origin of the name of this collection of upholstered elements, ideal for both interior and exterior, lies in its metaphorical insular morphology: the modules act as islets that can be arranged wherever the user wishes.

The heart of the ISLA collection is made up of three large modules, Menorca (296 x 112 x 80h cm / 117″x44″x31″h), Gomera (230 x 152 x 80h cm / 91″x60″x31″h) and Arosa (141 x 106 x 80h cm / 56″x42″x31″h): poufs to which we add backrest hold in place by a structure which is intentionally visible and embraces the base. Absolutely flexible when it comes to playing to invent compositions, they also work independently. Each module has its cushions (40 x 40 cm / 16″x16″ and 45 x 80 cm / 18″x32″) and finds the ideal complement in the three side tables in various heights and surface diameters —produced in two finishes: Iroko and all the Dekton® versions.

As a novelty, we incorporate to the ISLA collection three high tables in different sizes, a dining chair and a contemporary pouf to provide seating solutions of all kinds. Thanks to this expansion, the series makes it possible to create an outdoor dining area designed for contract environments, cafés, hotels, restaurants… In addition to outdoor spaces, ISLA can also work in any interior, since it is upholstered with 100% fabrics for outdoor use by Sunbrella, IMATEX, Tuvatextil and Crevin.

This complete seating system is the result of hard research and development work until finding the perfect combination between back and seat and structure, made of powder-coated aluminium. Versatile, welcoming and unique, they offer seven color combinations (Coral, Sand, Shell, Blue, Green, Silver and Garnet).


ISLA was awarded the Archiproducts Design Award 2020 and the Best of Year Awards 2020 in the Outdoor category.



Year: 2020 y 2023
Designer: Sebastian Herkner
Materials: Aluminio termolacado. Acero zincado termolacado. Sobre de mesa en Dekton® o Iroko.
Composition: Seat and back in polyurethane foam rubber and polyester fiber with water-repellent fabric. Polyester fibre and memory foam cushions with water-repellent fabric. Technical upholstery for outdoor use.
Fabrics: Soft, Warm
Products and measures:


Menorca module: length: 296 cm 117” | width: 112 cm 44” | height: 80 cm 31”
Gomera module: length: 230 cm 91” | width: 152 cm 60” | height: 80 cm 31”
Arosa module: length: 141 cm 56” | width: 106 cm 42” | height: 80 cm 31”
Pouf: length: 54 cm 19” | width: 48 cm 21” | height: 46 cm 18”
Dining chair: length: 73 cm 29” | width: 73 cm 29” | height: 80 cm 31”
Cushions/pillows: 40×40 cm 16”x16″ | 45×80 cm 18″x32″

Coffee table D36: diameter: 36 cm 14” | height: 51 cm 20”
Coffee table D50: diameter: 50 cm 20” | height: 50 cm 20”
Coffee table D80: diameter: 80 cm 31” | height: 40 cm 16”

Dining table D130: diameter: 130 cm 51” | height: 75 cm 30”
Dining table D150: diameter: 150 cm 59” | height: 75 cm 30”
Dining table D170: diameter: 170 cm 67” | height: 75 cm 30”

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