Gandia Blasco Group at the Salone del Mobile. Milano 2023

April 26, 2023 | Gandia Blasco Group

For yet another year, we bid farewell to the Salone del Mobile after presenting our new products and sharing an intense and enriching week with designers, brands, organizers, collaborators, media and friends.


Closing the 61st edition of this international design event of reference, in which we have participated with a space designed by Mayice, we would like to thank each and every one of you who have accompanied us at the stand to learn about the inspiration and the development process of our latest collections, experiencing them together with those who make them possible.

Three lifestyle concepts to inhabit the outdoors, united in the same universe conceived by Mayice Studio


Layer by layer, different subtly intertwined atmospheres guided visitors through the new creations of GANDIABLASCO, GAN and DIABLA, conceived by creative studios and leading international design figures such as Patricia Urquiola, Gensler, Søren Rose, José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales, Sebastian Herkner, Luca Nichetto, Francesco Meda, David Quincoces, OiKo Design Office, Rocío Gambín, Samuel Wilkinson, Alejandra Gandia-Blasco, Dirk Wynants, Made Studio, Odosdesign, Teresa Sapey + Partners, Paula Valentini, and Jorge Garage.


In addition, and in collaboration with LZF, the Gandia Blasco Group’s space at the Milan Fair showcases luminaires from the ERIS collection, also designed by Mayice for the Valencian lighting firm.

With a clear environmental awareness, the staging devised by Mayice appealed to the connection with the outdoors by extolling the origin and life cycle of the materials used in its production, selected according to criteria of sustainability and proximity.



Sustainable durability, semi-industrial processes, technology and craftsmanship in innovative proposals to enjoy life outdoors


GANDIABLASCO presented its latest outdoor collections in the ethereal and reusable space of the Gandia Blasco group designed by Mayice: LADEMADERA, the collection by Francesco Meda & David Quincoces, r24 by Paula Valentini, IRIS and ERNO, by Alejandra Gandía-Blasco, and the new PERGOLAS systems developed together with Gensler Product Design Consultant. We have also taken to Milan the new typologies of 100% recyclable aluminum furniture, 0 waste, based on the GBmodular construction system, conceived by José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales, and the expansion of the CAPA, by Søren Rose.

With more than eight decades of experience and presence in 75 countries, the company Gandia Blasco Group has been represented in Milan by our President and Creative Director, José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales, along with some of the international designers with whom we collaborate. Each of these creators, with their own style and approach, is constantly looking for new ways to interact with the environment and promote social interaction and well-being in outdoor spaces.



Contemporary craftsmanship and conscious design with recycled materials to enjoy outdoor spaces


From April 18 to 23, we at GAN did not miss our appointment with Milan with the Creative Director of the brand, Mapi Millet. With the desire to contribute both to the revaluation of craft techniques and to encourage the social and environmental commitment of design, GAN has presented to the world its new launches designed with great creative talents and handcrafted in India.


This year we have exhibited new outdoor designs handcrafted in India and created together with Patricia Urquiola, Made Studio and Jorge Garaje. These are MANGAS OUTDOOR, SALINE and CITRUS, all series belonging to the GAN OUTDOOR line.



An invitation to restless spirits and lovers of the unknown to discover new creative collections


has burst into the fair with its casual and surprising attitude, materialized in our latest collections of chairs and an inflatable chaise longue, in which we approach design with a creative mindset both for nomadic lifestyles and to project domestic, urban and contract spaces.


Alejandra Gandía-Blasco, Creative Director of DIABLA and Deputy Creative and Communication Director of GANDIABLASCO, has come to Milan accompanied by daring, ingenious and light creations that not only bring something new to the world of design, but are also the expression of new lifestyles. CACAO, by Odosdesign, EASY, by Rocío Gambín, PLIER, by OiKo Design, TUBA, by Samuel Wilkinson, offer an originality and freshness out of the ordinary thanks to the creativity of their designers and the use of materials that have circularity and waste reduction as their leitmotiv.

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