Phuket, Thailand


Ensombra / 356, Lipstick (Diabla)


Tierra Design

Villa Mayavee

Close to the shore of the Andaman Sea, on the west coast of Thailand, GANDIABLASCO outdoor furniture beckons you to enjoy the wonderful terraces at VILLA MAYAVEE, on the paradise island of Phuket.

The villa, designed by the architects at Tierra Design, is the epitome of modern architecture. All geometric lines and clear volumes, there are indoor spaces on four levels open to the surroundings through glass walls, that bring the surrounding tropical jungle inside, creating different spacial experiences according to the height. The neutral colours of the wood, rocks and combination of natural materials blend into the surroundings.

The ENSOMBRA parasol and the collection of 356 design furniture set off two infinity pools, a perfect fit with the architecture, a place to relax outdoors in paradise. On the top level, LIPSTICK outdoor armchairs are ideal for enjoying fabulous views. The terraces of the villa are furnished with designer chaise longues and ENSOMBRA parasols.

A dream come true!

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