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Lake Sheen

GANDIABLASCO’s designer furniture is the protagonist in the outdoor spaces of this private house in Orlando, Florida. This house is located in a privileged environment on the shores of Lake Sheen, an area in the Butler chain of lakes and surrounded by nature.

Different and well-defined environments have been created on the large terrace of this avant-garde-style country house. Next to its pool, whose horizon merges parallel with that of the lake, BOSC armchairs have been arranged interspersed with DNA low tables. Together they create a warm and welcoming space that transmits tranquility and calm. The design of these outdoor armchairs is inspired by the wickerwork of traditional Mediterranean crafts, while the DNA side tables generate plays of light and shade as if they were the typical shutters of Mediterranean houses. This is a place to relax and enjoy the sunsets over the lake in the company of friends and family.

The undulating lines of the outdoor furniture from the SOLANAS collection are the ones chosen by CRT Studios Interiors to create a dining area next to the pool. Arranged around the 140 dining table, the organic lines of the SOLANAS chairs create a space that invites conversation from the comfort of their generous cushions at any time of the year.

Relaxation, light and moments shared outdoors in connection with nature, GANDIABLASCO conveys its fascination for the Mediterranean lifestyle with collections such as SOLANAS, BOSC and DNA that invite you to socialize in the open spaces of this house next to Lake Sheen.

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