Gandia, España


Ensombra, Stack / Air (Diabla)

Beancho Club 3

The traditional beach bars are an emblem of Mediterranean beach life. Open to the sea and with wood as the main material, each one of them has a distinct and unique identity. In Gandía's landscape they are, more than in other places, a key element. It is precisely in this area of the Spanish coast that Beancho club 3, a contract project by Gandia Blasco Group, is located on Gandía beach.

This venue reinterprets the classic beach bar from a more contemporary and diaphanous approach, well integrated with the surroundings and prepared with the best outdoor furniture to enjoy the open air and the good weather in this part of the world all year round. The AIR design stools, by DIABLA, surround the beach bar at the foot of the bar. They are made of 100% recyclable polyethylene and flee from the conventional with elegance, lightness and discretion. Their unique volume and architectural air reflects the style of their designer, Héctor Serrano, who never ceases to surprise us by exploring the most unexpected proposals.

On the sand, the STACK sun loungers, by Borja García, and the ENSOMBRA parasols, by Odosdesign, both exclusive outdoor designs published by GANDIABLASCO, are an ode to enjoying the Mediterranean lifestyle, natural light and the colours of summer.

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