Valencia, Spain


Grapy / 356 (Diabla)

Project year



Fran Silvestre Arquitectos

Technique Architect

Enrique Alario

Interior design

Alfaro Hofmann


© Diego Opazo

Topaz of Braye

Topaz of Braye is a project by the award-winning Fran Silvestre Arquitectos studio in collaboration with Alfaro Hofmann for the interior design. It is the restoration and complete redesign of a 20-metre Turkish schooner that has been approached with the same refined language that characterises the unmistakable architecture of its author. Topaz of Braye is one of our contract projects in the nautical field.
The sailboat conveys the Mediterranean character of the Marina de València and stands out for the great versatility of the spaces it houses, clear and with white as the main theme. Floating architecture that sails along the Mediterranean coast from Valencia, a land open to the sea and with a long nautical heritage. The interiors, with a contemporary feel, were conceived after a long development study and designed in a monochromatic palette, always with the aim of generating an atmosphere of tranquillity, wellbeing and peace.
The deck, liberated and generous, maintains the essence of its origins and all the elements it incorporates fit in with the legacy of cargo, fishing and regattas that it has been sailing for so many decades. Fran Silvestre has once again placed his trust in GANDIABLASCO and DIABLA to outfit the exterior of the boat. The 356 modern sun loungers and outdoor tables, exclusively designed by José A. Gandía-Blasco and Pablo Gironés for DIABLA, have been the furniture of choice for sunbathing and sharing moments of relaxation in the open air. Manufactured in 100% recyclable polyethylene, they are perfect for outdoor use, as well as being elegant, comfortable and ergonomic.
On the other hand, different GRAPY OUTDOOR outdoor poufs in Nautical fabric in white can be spread out on their own or in groups - forming sofas - depending on the occasion on the deck, as they are easy to move and maintain. Kensaku Oshiro, its creator, was inspired by a farmer sitting on a jute sack to create a pouf made to rest for long hours, both indoors and outdoors, in an original and totally ergonomic way. With contrasting reinforced seams, the water-repellent fabric upholstery covers a polystyrene bead filling that adapts to movement.

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Kensaku Oshiro

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