Powder-coated stainless steel

9016 White

7038 Agate grey

1019 Sand


7006 Bronze

3005 Wine red

7031 Blue grey

5008 Grey blue

Night blue

7033 Cement grey

6007 Bottle green

7043 Anthracite

7039 Quartz grey

9011 Black

Laminated glass

Extra clear


R24 Low coffee table

“In R24 I investigate the possibility of building textile architecture on a small scale. I evoke sensations and images like the evanescence of a bird’s wing. And it is based on that idea that I choose the material, the technology and the world in which I am going to immerse myself. It is a useful object and it is also an object in space.”

Paula Valentini


R24 is the collection of outdoor furniture created by the Argentinian architect Paula Valentini for GANDIABLASCO. The furniture in the R24 collection is weightless, ethereal, authentic sculptures whose interwoven steel rod structure is capable of supporting up to a hundred times its own weight.


The R24 low coffee table is a table a light and versatile design, a wild piece whose geometric spirit contrasts with its craftsmanship in India, turning each piece into something unique. It has an extra-clear tempered glass top attached to the structure with Velcro and is available in GANDIABLASCO‘s extensive catalog of color options.


The R24 low coffee table is an original design by Paula Valentini for GANDIABLASCO.


Sizes (HxhxL)

60x60x41 cm

24x24x16 inch


Powder-coated stainless steel rod


Tabletop in glass

About Paula Valentini

Born in Buenos Aires (Argentina) in 1973, Paula Valentini is an architect by the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism of the University of Buenos Aires, has Postgraduate studies in the Architecture and Technology Program of the Torcuato Di Tella University and is graduated from the National School of Fine Arts (ENBAPP). Throughout her professional career in Argentina and Brazil, she has combined teaching with urban intervention projects of various scales and her own and collective undertakings in cultural institutions and public and private spaces, such as the Museum of Contemporary Art in Buenos Aires.

Weightlessness, suspension and the ethereality against the resistance of matter are axes that organize her research within the framework of the relationships between art, design, architecture, city and nature.

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Paula Valentini

Designer and architect


R24 low coffee table

3D pieces

R24 collection

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R24 Low coffee table

Paula Valentini

R24 Low stool

Paula Valentini

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