Flat powder-coated aluminium

9016 White

7038 Agate grey

1019 Sand

7033 Cement grey

7006 Bronze

7031 Blue grey

7043 Anthracite


Batyline® by Serge Ferrari













Flat Textil High stool with high backrest

“Inspiration is felt in travel, in the streets, in the objects that surround us. For me, being a designer is to live with my senses, alert to everything. My way of working and understanding design is by devising objects that work better and that are honest above all. My interest in functionality is due to my education in the 1980s. I think that for a few years everything has been more superficial and striking: more glamorous in the negative.”
Mario Ruiz


FLAT TEXTIL is the outdoor furniture collection designed by Mario Ruiz for GANDIABLASCO. The designer simplifies FLAT’s aluminium frame structure and incorporates Batyline® fabric on the seats and backrests to achieve the necessary lightness. The furniture pieces in the collection can be combined with each other and they work on small terraces and larger Contract installations.


The FLAT TEXTIL high stool with high backrest is an original design by Mario Ruiz for GANDIABLASCO.


Sizes (HxhxL)

54x48x108 cm

21x19x42 inch


Powder-coated aluminium

Batyline® fabric

About Mario Ruiz

Born in 1965 in Alicante, Spain, designer Mario Ruiz graduated in Industrial Design from Barcelona’s prestigious Elisava Design School. He started his independent professional career in 1995 opening his own studio in Barcelona.

Siemens, Steelcase, Teknion Studio, Offecct, lapalma, Thomson, Arflex, Haworth, Grundig, Palau, GANDIABLASCO, Expormim, HBF, Metalarte, Joquer, B.lux... are among the many clients with whom Mario Ruiz has worked extensively. For some of these companies he not only undertakes projects directly related to their products in diferent fields (domestic and office furniture, lighting, textile design, product design) but also acts as creative director defining their product.

Mario Ruiz’s work has been shown in exhibitions throughout Europe and Japan and he has been acknowledged with more than 40 important awards. In 2016 he received the prestigious National Design Prize, given by the King of Spain, Felipe VI and the Ministry of Economy.

He is also the recipient of Delta de Plata prizes, awarded by Barcelona’s ADI-FAD (Association for Industrial Design). In Europe and the US, meanwhile, he has received plaudits from Red Dot, IF, Design Plus, and the Wallpaper Awards.

From 1992 until 2002, Mario Ruiz was Professor of Industrial Projects at the Eina and Elisava design schools in Barcelona. He has given numerous lectures in Tokyo, Singapore, New York, Dubai, London, and Chicago.

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