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With the Outdoor 2023 catalogue we bring together the new GANDIABLASCO, DIABLA and GAN OUTDOOR collections


From the same origin, our passion for creating open environments and inhabiting outdoor spaces, different creative and expressive paths are born. Our new Outdoor 2023 catalogue brings together all our proposals in this field, designed together with leading international figures in the sector and produced in accordance with values such as the culture of design, the revaluation of craftsmanship, a commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility.


In addition to the central tour of the wide range of outdoor proposals and our three internationally recognized and award-winning brands: GANDIABLASCO, DIABLA and GAN. The new Outdoor 2023 catalogue is also a reflection of the present of Gandia Blasco Group, today headed by the second and third generation of members of the Gandía-Blasco family after its foundation more than 80 years ago in Ontinyent, in an emblematic factory building where our corporate headquarters are currently located.



“The launch of the Outdoor 2023 catalogue allows us to take full advantage of the synergies between the three brands. Our purpose is to consolidate our positioning as a reference in the outdoor field by combining three very different and authentic, but fully compatible styles.

Gandia Blasco Group collaborates with very talented designers who have been able to perfectly interpret the style of our brands and have helped us to evolve and improve in recent years. All this has contributed to the recognition and differentiation of the company, which, being a family business, highly values the human factor and is fully involved in all processes.”

– Álvaro Gandía-Blasco –





GANDIABLASCO and our passion for the outdoors: more than furniture, it’s a lifestyle.


The brand is unmistakable for its contemporary architectural language, defined by the imprint of the simplicity characteristic of the Spanish Mediterranean and the austerity and lifestyle of the island of Ibiza. With José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales as creative director and designers such as Luca Nichetto, Todd Bracher o Sebastian Herkner as collaborators. A varied list of collections devised in search to provide the modularity and aesthetic versatility necessary to project environments in all their spatial dimension.


In addition to some twenty furniture collections – including new ones like MASS, by Todd Bracher, ISLABLANCA, by José A. Gandía-Blasco, ISLA, by Sebastian Herkner, or R24, by Paula Valentini- there are the most iconic Outdoor Spaces, such as the PERGOLAS line, created 20 years ago in the heart of the company as the natural step from furniture to architecture and currently developed with occasional collaborations with firms such as Gensler. “We make our outdoor spaces concepts that are closer to architecture than furniture”, explains José A. Gandía-Blasco, the brand’s creative director.



Maximum durability and elegance in outdoor furniture that stand out for their high-quality finishes and materials, their innovative construction systems and their careful semi-industrial manufacture. A complete commitment thanks to the selection of outdoor accessories, objects and small pieces of furniture with a very special design to complete the outdoor experience: lamps, planters, parasols, lattices, deckchairs, objects capable of adding elegance to the space, and which also compliment the GANDIABLASCO furniture collections.


DIABLA and its innovative and inspiring attitude, focused on exploring new lifestyles and experimenting with outdoor spaces.


From the group’s youngest brand, with Alejandra Gandía-Blasco as creative director and designer, we take a casual and creative approach to the design of proposals devised for both nomadic lifestyles and for planning domestic and contract spaces.



Furniture and accessories that are not afraid of color or experimentation, that break away from the norm with originality and freshness thanks to the ingenuity of designers such as Mut Design, Teres Sapey and Made Studio. Portrayed, as always at DIABLA, in dreamlike and striking exterior scenes, the brand’s latest novelties are presented: CACAO, by Odosdesign, EASY, by Rocío Gambin, PLIER, by OiKo Design, and TUBA, by Samuel Wilkinson.


GAN OUTDOOR and its rugs, spaces and accessories for outdoors.


With Mapi Millet as creative director and collaborators such as Kengo Kuma, Patricia Urquiola or Inma Bermúdez, GAN and its line of outdoor designs – made with materials such as recycled PET – are contemporary craftsmanship in its purest form. With GAN we offer different options for enjoying the outdoors in both private and contract spaces, with iconic collections and some of the most recent launches: GARDEN LAYERS by Patricia Urquiola, DIAMOND by Charlotte Lancelot, and GRAPY by Kensaku Oshiro.



GAN textile products are handmade by artisans in India, who work in collaboration with different designers who are interested in renewing ancestral techniques. The GAN SPACES rugs and modular collections, designed to create complete environments, are internationally recognized for their ability to provide a transformative response to new styles of living in a contemporary space. A wide range that we complete with the GAN CUSTOM programme, which allows you to adapt the rugs to any space – indoors or outdoors – and style, with practically unlimited options in terms of color, size, technique and shape.


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