Alberto Martínez y Héctor Serrano y Raky Martínez



La Siesta

“La SIESTA is a white terracotta bottle that combines the look of a 1.5 Litre water bottle with the advantages of a traditional botijo (porous clay container for water). A different way of drinking.”

GANDIABLASCO re-launches an iconic Spanish design: La SIESTA botijo recovers the traditional materials and textures so typical of Mediterranean life and sustenance, nature, light and the passion for outdoors living, through an object associated with Spanish culture used for storing and drinking water, but in a different way.

We invite you to take a sip Mediterranean style.

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La Siesta Jug

Héctor Serrano, Alberto Martínez y Raky Martínez

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About Héctor Serrano

Founder of the design office Héctor Serrano Studio established in London in 2000.
Their projects combine Innovation with the communication of familiar ideas in an unusual and inventive way. The studio's activities are divided into product, space, communication and laboratory work.

In this last area they undertake research projects that allow them to put new formulas into practice, in addition to questioning existing ones. The constant exchange between these areas enriches the process, giving rise to successful, long lasting products and projects. The client list includes companies such as Roca, Moooi, ICEX Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade, Droog Design, Metalarte, La Casa Encendida (Caja Madrid) and Valencia City Council among others. The Office has received different awards such as the Peugeot Design Award and The Premio Nacional de Diseño No Aburridos. Their Products have been exhibited extensively in Museums such as V&A in London and Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum in New York and are part of different collections such as the Central Museum of Amsterdam. Héctor studied Industrial Design in Valencia before moving to London to study a master’s degree in Product Design at The Royal College of Art.

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Héctor Serrano


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