BAM Open Air Design 2023

June 30, 2023 | Gandia Blasco Group /

From June 7th to 10th, we landed in the flower-filled gardens of Biblioteca degli Alberi, in the vibrant Porta Nuova neighborhood of Milan. The perfect excuse was our participation in BAM Open Air Design, an event entirely dedicated to the world of avant-garde design and outdoor architecture.


BAM Open Air Design, a showcase that is part of the cultural program of BAM 2023, is a project conceived by COIMA Image in collaboration with the Riccardo Catella Foundation. This initiative stems from Alida Catella’s desire to give back to the city of Milan an event that aims to bear witness to the epochal change we are experiencing, where regeneration, sustainability, and beauty are seen as the future for each one of us.

© Vito Corvasce

With some of our GANDIABLASCO, GAN and Diabla collections, on this occasion we created in the Red Circle facilities a spring and jovial space in relation to the flowers of the garden and the playful relationship of visitors with the park. An opportunity for interaction between the product, the natural environment and the visitor. In this sort of design museum scattered around the trees of BAM, our designs contributed to pay homage to the union between natural beauty, culture and design.

Gandia Blasco Group collections. Outdoor Design Exhibition.


Among the highlights were Diabla designs such as Grill by Mut Design, Valentina Up and Patoso by Alejandra Gandía-Blasco, Lilly by Democràcia Estudio, and Trip by José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales and Borja García; as well as GANDIABLASCO series such as Ensombra by Odosdesign, DNA Teak by José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales and Solanas by Daniel Germani.

A space that fostered the encounter between design, art, cinema, music, dance and gastronomy, in addition to strengthening the network between architectural studios, developers, operators and the specialized press. The bucolic I Talk meetings invited us to share experiences and sensations in a unique environment. Our creative and communication director, Alejandra Gandía-Blasco, had the opportunity to take part in one of these fun and light meetings with the Italian gelato maker Massimiliano Scotti of Vero Latte in Vigevano, the fifth best gelato shop according to the Gelato Festival World Ranking 2022.

© Vito Corvasce


Our participation in the BAM Open Air Design also included the academic contribution of Domus Academy, whose students proposed an outdoor intervention project on Diabla. PER UN’ORA DI SOLE was inspired by the archetypal solarium, eliminating the typical glass windows and replacing them with a window to the sun. The concept, which starts from a reflection on the mechanism of the sundial, highlighted the possibility of using the space throughout the day, adapting to the evolution of natural light. In fact, by passing through the hole in the center of the tent, the sun’s rays illuminated a different seat every hour, which thus became the protagonist of the show. The space was also accessible at night, when the tent acted as a frame for the moon and the stars.

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