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The Lodge-Dom Pérignon

THE LODGE is the Dom Pérignon pop-up venue in Baquerira, a unique experience in an increidible natural landscape, combing the best gastronomy with the most excellent champagne that we’ve helped create with the NA XEMENA and LLAR outdoor furniture collection.

Luxury pop-up venue THE LODGE was set in an amazing location 2000 metres above sea level in the prestigious Baqueira ski resort. Black on white. The inflatable black space was erected against the impressive backdrop of the snow-covered Val d’Aran landscape. Here, along with our designer furniture, Dom Pérignon created a memorable experience with one of the world’s best champagnes, complete with DJ and top gastronomy, a series of snacks created especially by Chef Ramón Freixa, winner of 2 Michelin stars and 3 Repsol suns.

During daytime hours, the VIP lounge was open to the public with direct access from the ski slopes, where skiers could enjoy the best Dom Pérignon and live music with their friends in a unique space surrounded by snow with designer sofas and tables from the NA XEMENA collection by Ramón Esteve para GANDIABLASCO, plus LLAR, the outdoor burner designed by Borja García. Models and actors Jon Kortajarena and Miguel Ángel Silvestre were great companions for the first guests at The Dom Pérignon Lodge.

On the opening night, dog sledges collected diners in the Pla de Beret car park and took them along a path lit up by flaming torches to the inflatable marquee, up to the entrance area furnished with our furniture. Inside the inflatable pavilion, animal skins on the floor and exquisite décor welcomed the special guests, who were served a special 5-course meal prepared by Ramón Freixa and paired with Dom Pérignon P2 Vintage 2000 and Dom Pérignon Vintage 2009.

An exclusive and beyond luxurious experience in idyllic surroundings.

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