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Na Xemena, Clack!

M’ar de Ar Aqueduto

M'ar de Ar Aqueduto is a five-star hotel located in the city of Évora and is one of the Gandia Blasco Group's contract projects in Portugal. Located in the historic center of a city classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, the building is a magnificent 16th century construction formerly known as the Sepulveda Palace.

The renovation vested the hotel with a contemporary feel and, at the same time, it enhanced the magnificent beauty of the chapel, of the vaulted ceilings, and of the ancient windows of the front facade. The outdoor furniture from NA XEMENA and PICNIC collections adorn the bar and terrace lounge area of the structure. They surround the swimming pools in a white and anodized aluminum gray colours. The hammocks – a unique picnic design-, and the NA XEMENA wheeled sunbeds equipped with reclining backrest contribute to create a relaxing atmosphere. The perfect vibe to bask in the sunrise from dusk until dawn with the sweeping view of the historic stone aqueduct.

Our CLACK! outdoor chairs that maintain a chromatic feel with customized finishes, alongside pieces from our NA XEMENA collection such as the modular sofas, armchairs and low outdoor tables can be found under the sunshades and porches that surround the open-air restaurant. Thanks to their versatility, lightness and easy maintenance, they are ideal designs for hotel and restaurant spaces that need to be frequently reconfigured depending on the environment and the time of year.

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José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales

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