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Belgium Private House

Western Flanders contains Belgium’s greatest cultural treasures, with a rich cultural and historical legacy. This private residence in Marke is in an area with plains, hills, forests and purple tinged scrubland, in the sub-municipality of Cortrique, Belgium, and is one of GANDIABLASCO’s residential projects in Flanders. It is set in natural surroundings with mild, year-round temperatures, which make it possible to enjoy the terraces and open air, whatever the season.

The modern architecture of his private residence contrasts with the medieval heritage and stately architecture that characterises the municipality of Marke. The rationalism of the shapes dialogues with the pure, contemporary design of the CHILL outdoor beds designed by José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales, arranged beside the swimming pool, under iconic ENSOMBRA parasols designed by Odosdesign. Only a place like this requires elegant, restrained outdoor furniture, which add atmosphere to the space in harmony with the architecture of the residence and the deep green of the surrounding nature.

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José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales



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