PERGOLAS: ultra personalized space generators

February 4, 2021 | Collections /

In its apparent simplicity, beauty and functionality, the PERGOLAS collection of the GANDIABLASCO series of OUTDOOR SPACES expresses the architectural character of the brand. Behind its serene, timeless and universal forms it can be guess the inspiration in the basic geometry and the nakedness of the Ibizan vernacular architecture, as well as the roots in the Mediterranean lifestyle and its irrevocable desire to enjoy outdoor time during all year round.


José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales, , the collection’s author and a passionate about outdoor life, defines them as a contemporary review of traditional wooden porch and pergola and highlights their versatility and transformative power. The wide variety of modules available and their versatile nature make the GANDIABLASCO modular pergolas system a true generator of scenes or environments of all kinds that plays a key role in the composition of exteriors for their functionality. PERGOLA becomes an extension of the living space, a delimiter of areas and uses, a private shelter, a canopy to protect from the direct incidence of the sun and reduce the ambient temperature while letting the air pass …

Thus, they are ideal for shady areas, places of passage, porches, bars and dining rooms, areas for relaxation … the combinations are multiple and adapt to the demands of each case, integrating with sobriety and harmony in the environment. But in addition to allowing endless configuration possibilities, PERGOLA has a high aesthetic component and is ultra-customizable thanks to its catalog of finishes, materials and colors in fabrics, structures and enclosures.


On the one hand, the linear and architectural structures of PERGOLA can be presented in the classic anodized and natural aluminum finishes – a modern and especially resistant material that brings freshness and lightness – or with white, sand, bottle green, terracotta, bronze and grey thermo lacquers in different shades …


On the other, and as for the enclosures, the series includes the option of horizontal and vertical fixed slats in anodized, thermo-lacquered o, as a novelty, the faux wood aluminium in two options: roble Golden and teak, , the plastic fabric blind, the curtains of 100% acrylic fabric – in two tones – and Nowood floor.

Customization options are the most inspiring. From cubic compositions that are camouflaged in the environment with the grey-wood-green trichromia to creations that transport us to the origins of GANDIABLASCO only based on luminous white and silver for structures, floors and fabrics. In different combinations we see declined gray ranges (bluish-cement-anthracite) or earth (orange-brown-terracotta-bronze), sometimes generating contrasts with shades like white and, on other occasions, offering only slight variations in color.


The alternatives are almost endless!

El proyecto ALULIGHT – “Desarrollo de perfiles de aluminio estructurales ultraligeros para su empleo en construcción de estructuras fijas y móviles de exterior.” ha sido confinanciado por el IVACE y la Unión Europea a través del Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional FEDER. Este proyecto ha consistido en el desarrollo de un perfil estructural (80×80) ultraligero de aluminio con un peso total de menos de 2 kg/metro lineal capaz de soportar cargas similares a las soportadas por un perfil actual de aluminio empleado en la construcción de estructuras metálicas.

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