Mariví Calvo & Sandro Tothill, jury of the 15th GANDIABLASCO Contest

September 15, 2022 | Contest /

The jury of the GANDIABLASCO International Outdoor Furniture Design Contest is made up of leading professionals from the fields of culture, design and the industrial furniture sector. In its fifteenth edition we spoke with Mariví Calvo and Sandro Tothill, Co-founders of LZF lamps and members of the Jury:


Aesthetics, function etc … what are the different elements that LZF add to the equation of a good design?
Social, environmental and political awareness.
Warmth, a unique and natural material that defines us, collaboration, originality, discovery. A responsible design at this time has to go further, take into account the unprecedented situation we find ourselves in and react to adapt to the needs of the future, which go through a review of the current form of production and thinking, from how it is created, to how it will be used and how the product will be disposed of.

Premio Nacional de Diseño 2020


The relentless nature of climate change forces us to investigate and work with a philosophy, materials and a way of working that drives the local economy worldwide, expressing and preserving the particular values of each area and combining them with technology.
We can no longer focus solely on “humanity” but rather shift towards designing for the planet, in which humanity represents only a very small part.
The way in which we have lived alongside the planet is catching up with us and, at this point, it is essential to ask ourselves: what has been the role of design in all this? And as designers, what is the path we want to set for ourselves within this mess?
Human centrality and the ontological division of humans and “non-humans” have led us to an unsustainable model of production and consumption. Considering the current climate emergency and the unsustainability of our economic system, we need ways to make the global population address and understand the complex uniqueness of our contemporary existence, creating cross-cutting alliances between practices.


Did you choose the wood or would you say the wood chose you?
Without a doubt, the wood chose us. It was down to good luck that we discovered its undeniable beauty which led us to an investigation that still drives us today. It changed our lives.

Right. Dune lamp / Left. Big Bird lamp & ONDE collection.
Espacio Xavier Corberó


Both LZF and GANDIABLASCO are driving brands of Valencia World Design Capital 2022, how do you think the capital status will benefit national design?
I think it was time to visualize Valencian design, to bring it together so that they can interact. It is a good way to create a sense of curiosity, to form an opinion, to make it part of our culture. Spreading of material is essential and takes a lot of time but will eventually leave a mark on society.


What values do you think LZF Lamps shares with GANDIABLASCO?
Love for the brand, awareness and responsibility. In both cases it is much more than just wanting to sell the product, it is the need to tell stories that speak of what their creators are like and provide a deep understanding of how they make their products and connect with them, of their philosophy.

Lens Super Oval lamp & ONDE collection. Xavier Corberó Space


Would you consider the place of LZF to be the intersection between design, crafts and art?
Of course, that is our intention and it is part of the way in which the decorative arts have historically been based. Although now is the time to mix it with our moment in history, with new points of view.


Have you explored the area of outdoor lighting? What do you value most about the integration of your designs in outdoor spaces?
Yes, it is one of our areas of interest going forward, a challenge for us that involves the inclusion of new materials that are integrated into our way of “doing”.

Tomo Large lamp & ISLA collection. Ca Na Terra


For GANDIABLASCO, vernacular Ibizan architecture has been a constant source of inspiration since the very beginning of the brand. What is your perennial reference, the one work which you can always return to to connect with the essence of the brand?
Light changes everything. Imagination is what makes us connect a space in broad daylight to transform it, at dusk, into another that portrays different corners and different sensitivities, of discovery. We live in the Mediterranean and this sensitivity with which we are born paints the spaces that our lamps create, dyeing them with the peace and contemplation created by the Mediterranean breeze.


What does it mean for you to join the Panel of the XV Gandiablasco International Outdoor Furniture Design Contest?
We love collaborating with you, it is a wonderful opportunity to exchange knowledge and take a look at the new paths that we are going to undertake from different points of view.

Right. Mariví Calvo & Sandro Tothill portrait / Left. Lola lamp


LZF’s journey has been recognised with dozens of awards, among which is the 2020 National Design Award in the Business category. At what point in the company did this award come about? Can you reveal to us what your hopes for the future are?
At the most unexpected moment; we received the National Design Award in full lockdown. An award that came after a career of more than 25 years working hand in hand with artisans, designers and professionals that resulted in us receiving the National Craft Award in 2011.
Our concerns for the future revolve around the complex situation in which we find ourselves without losing sight of beauty and balance.
We would like to establish a type of company focused on the future, attentive to the hypotheses raised by the new generations.

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