GANDIABLASCO at Salone del Mobile. Milano 2024

April 25, 2024 | Fairs /

In a staging conceived by Søren Rose to enhance the context of use of our brands’ designs and minimize environmental impact through the use of wood, stone, and natural fibers, we unveiled our new collections and designs to visitors at Salone del Mobile 2024.

New lines and extensions of collections, some of them already design icons, that we have developed in collaboration with Søren Rose himself and other relevant studios and figures in the sector such as José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales, Francesco Meda & David Quincoces, Made Studio, Odosdesign and Alejandra Gandía-Blasco.

ARENA by Søren Rose, organic in essence. A tribute to traditional hand-bending techniques

@Patricia Parinejad

ARENA collection


ARENA is the first collection by Gandiablasco designed entirely with organic inspirations and transferred to a purely industrial process. A purist design collection, entirely monomaterial, 100% made in powder-coated aluminum that provides durability and resistance.

Each piece in the ARENA series features rounded elements and undulating cutting lines. On one hand, its elements and typologies evoke a certain connection with traditional wicker furniture, even with basketry craftsmanship, due to its bulging rounded forms and the finish of its edges. On the other hand, its wide curved slats recall the work in wood veneer typical of Scandinavian design.

CONO by José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales, an enveloping refuge to feel immersed in nature


Hung or on the ground, the CONO pergola is a unique and striking refuge with a format that harmoniously integrates with the surrounding nature. A design belonging to GANDIABLASCO’s Outdoor Spaces collection, which has redefined the aesthetics of contemporary outdoor environments

@Patricia Parinejad

CONO and BOSC lamps


The enveloping structure of the CONO pergola is made of alternating straps and ropes, evoking a nest. The CONO pergola precisely alludes to the typical structure of teepees. This outstanding example of ingenious and adaptable microarchitecture represents a form of nomadic housing designed to meet the mobility and habitability needs of indigenous tribes of the Great Plains.

ENSOMBRA by Odosdesign, updated icon. New uses to move around a unique parasol


With its opening and closing system based on slats, inspired by fans, the ENSOMBRA parasol is one of Gandiablasco’s most distinctive designs. A piece that, after 17 years, maintains its formal relevance and brilliance intact, making it a true icon of contemporary Spanish design. Designed by Odosdesign, this year it incorporates a couple of elements that, as accessories, expand its functionalities.

@Patricia Parinejad

ENSOMBRA mesita y pufs


On one hand, a round adjustable-height tray can now be attached to its sturdy steel mast. On the other hand, a large round pouf can be incorporated into its base, a backrest that embraces the mast, plus an optional tray on its top.

GBMODULAR by José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales, 100% monomaterial, 0 waste.
New furniture typologies from the same construction system


GBMODULAR is not a furniture collection: it is a construction system. Designed by José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales, its exercise in synthesis is based on a single aluminum profile from which, by varying its length and using ingenious clipping, all kinds of furniture can be built. Defined by its monomaterial character, highly durable and 100% recyclable, it incorporates two new furniture typologies: the new lounger and its matching table, which expand the line evoking the values and the sober, sophisticated, and elegant aesthetics that have always been inspiration and reference for GANDIABLASCO.

@Patricia Parinejad

GBMODULAR chaise lounge and side table

MERENDERO 4.0 y DAYBED 4.0 by José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales, intimate outdoor spaces updated with innovative lighting, connectivity, and protection features.


GANDIABLASCO has redefined the aesthetics of contemporary outdoor environments with its Outdoor Spaces collection: structural designs equipped with functionalities and various shading systems. MERENDERO and DAYBED are two of its most representative models that, like pavilions, function as small microarchitectures. Now, these two designs by José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales are also available with innovative electrified features and movable blinds, expanding their outdoor use possibilities.

@Patricia Parinejad


The MERENDERO 4.0 table has been equipped with two wireless charging areas, as well as a power outlet, allowing it to be used as an occasional outdoor workspace. They can charge phones and smartwatches, headphones, tablets, and speakers. DAYBED 4.0 also incorporates two chargers, but in its case, they are USB. In addition, both designs have been provided with adjustable LED lighting in the upper area, expanding their possibilities for use at night or in low light hours.

IRIS by Alejandra Gandía-Blasco, art applied to design. Sunsets in vitrified printed glass


Halfway between a mosaic and a stained-glass window, the surfaces of the IRIS tables stem from the artistic work around color that Alejandra Gandía-Blasco has been doing since 2015, taking photographs of sunrises and sunsets in different coastal locations. Starting from the idea that color does not exist, but they are moments of light, Alejandra has taken thousands of captures with tones that she then transfers to other media.

@Patricia Parinejad

IRIS dining tables. WARM range / DNA club armchairs and dining tables

By using a digital vitrifiable printing technique, she has managed to transfer her works to small glass pieces. Arranged as a polyptych, the result resembles a ceramic mosaic, but also a stained-glass window, as it allows light to pass through, thus expanding the colors to the floor. The artist and designer has grouped her photographs by color ranges -Cold, Stormy, and Warm- to generate the compositions of the boards of the new IRIS dining tables, a collection that also includes low and side tables.

ONSEN by Francesco Meda y David Quincoces, a contemporary classic. Legacy of tubular steel furniture reinterpreted


It has been a century since the first furniture with tubular steel were designed, and their ability to generate structures of great beauty, solid yet lightweight, aesthetically exposed like an exoskeleton, continues to be an endless source of inspiration. The ONSEN collection, designed by Francesco Meda and David Quincoces, delves into this valuable legacy left by the Bauhaus, seeking greater sophistication within its inherently sober nature, through its relationship with other materials such as leather straps or voluminous upholstery.

@Patricia Parinejad

ONSEN dining table and dining armchairs

Thus, to the initial release of the collection, consisting of seating and low tables for lounges and relaxation areas, a sun lounger, a dining table, and its matching chair are now added. Continuing its aesthetic, elegant leather straps embrace the structures of satin-finished tubular steel, which sometimes appear to be continuous. The surface of the iroko slatted table also contributes to providing warmth.

BOSC by Made Studio, new dining environment and Mediterranean-inspired lighting solutions.


BOSC, the collection presented in 2020 in collaboration with Made Studio, pays homage to the popular wicker grid, a material with a strong presence in traditional artisanal furniture, mainly used in the making of seats, backrests, and fronts of multiple pieces. Its hypnotic lattice promotes ventilation, while its flexibility provides ergonomics and allows curved formats. With BOSC, Made Studio transfers both its aesthetics and these attributes to a micro-perforated aluminum sheet with a pattern that seeks to reproduce the weave of these grids but manufactured in a material suitable for outdoor use.

@Patricia Parinejad

BOSC extensible dining table and dining armchairs / BOSC lamps

The result is moving, as its execution is truly faithful. Initially composed of seats and low tables to develop outdoor lounges, the BOSC collection is now expanded by incorporating an extendable dining table and its chair, as well as an environmental element that functions as both a lamp and an auxiliary table, whose rounded design further alludes to the versatility of the grid for curved shapes.

Having once again shared an unforgettable week with designers, brands, organizers, collaborators, media, and friends, we want to express our gratitude to all those who accompanied us.

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