The winners of the International 3D Awards

February 21, 2024 | International 3D Awards /

The award ceremony was held at the company’s showroom in the capital, where, during the Madrid Design Festival, an exhibition featuring the selected works is hosted.


Gandia Blasco Group reveals the winners of the inaugural edition of the International 3D Awards, the first-ever global 3D creation competition aimed at artists and creatives, bringing together a furniture company with a 3D model platform, BoModels.

With an annual mission, this initiative invites 3D artists, art directors, and creatives from around the world to explore Gandia Blasco Group’s visual universe, connecting it with nature to create designs that emphasize the importance of preserving our natural environment. Therefore, biofilia as the central theme, the participation of over 90 candidates from 20 countries and the quality of their projects in the event’s first run affirm that the International 3D Awards initiative holds a promising future.

In the first category, “Art Direction and Photography”, the Jury of the International 3D Awards credited the works of winner Ángel Pérez, and finalists Francesco D’amario and Kseniia Tkacheva. The second category, “Best Technical/Artistic Quality”, praises the technical and artistic excellence of winner Jorge Rodríguez Fram, and finalists Kseniia Tkacheva and Andoni Tsolingkas. Within the “Students” category, the 3D Award was awarded to Pablo Fernández Montes, while Burak Demirci and Galliah Taclobao were shortlisted as finalists.


1. “Best Art Direction & Photography” category

“Best Art Direction & Photography” category

1st prize. Ángel Perez | Finalists. Francesco D’amario and Kseniia Tkacheva


2. “Best technical/artistic quality” category

“Best technical/artistic quality” category

1st prize. Jorge Rodríguez Fram | Finalists. Andoni Tsolingkas and Kseniia Tkacheva


3. “Students” category

“Students” category

1st prize. Pablo Fernández Montes | Finalists. Burak Demirci and Galliah Taclobao


4. “Special Mention” category

“Special Mention” category

Viarde, Weronika Blitek, Giulia Dalla Stella, Stergios Kleisiaris, Daniel Minguet Zamora, Manuel Gómez Maestre, Javier Hinojosa Medina


Participants could apply individually or collectively through the website,, bearing in mind that their proposals had to be unique and original, and avoiding the use of material generated exclusively with IA.

The winning entries were evaluated by a Jury consisting of José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales, CEO and Creative Director of Gandia Blasco Group, Jesús Boyero, Founder and Creative Director of BoModels & BoyeroVisualizers, Alba de la Fuente, Architect and 3D Artist, Marisa Santamaría, Founder and Director of Global Innovation Trends Unitt, and Artur Tamiola, Co-Founder of CommonPoint, 3D Artist, and Art Director.


“This initiative marks a milestone in legitimizing and dignifying the valuable work carried out by hundreds of designers and brands”, explains Jesús Boyero, Founder and Creative Director of BoModels & BoyeroVisualizers, a Barcelona-based CGI interior design studio that provides visual support to designers, brands, and architects.


Exhibition Winners of the International 3D Awards
Gandia Blasco Group Madrid Showroom


These awards offer various monetary prizes, BoModels 3D model packages, and the opportunity for the winning works to be exhibited throughout the year at prominent international fairs such as the Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York or the Salone del Mobile in Milan.


The awards ceremony took place as part of the Madrid Design Festival on 15th February at the furniture design and editing group’s showroom in Madrid, attended by winners, participants, Jury members, and media representatives.

Jury of the Contest Gandia Blasco Group x BoModels 2024: Jesús Boyero, José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales

1st prize, “Students” category, Pablo Fernández Montes


As part of the program of the capital’s biggest annual design event, the 3D Awards Exhibition featuring the winning designs from the competition will be open until 16th March, from 10:30 AM to 2:00 PM and from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM at Gandia Blasco Group Madrid.

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