Polyethylene with textured lacquered

9016 White

7038 Agate grey

1019 Sand

7006 Bronze

3005 Wine red

7031 Blue grey

5008 Grey blue

Night blue

7033 Cement grey

6007 Bottle green

7043 Anthracite

7039 Quartz grey

9011 Black



Sahara Planter 4

Pablo Gironés

Sahara Planter 3

Pablo Gironés

Sahara Planter 5

Pablo Gironés

Sahara Planter 4

Sometimes, inspiration comes from a trip to an unforgettable destination, from unique experiences in virtually uninhabited desert landscapes, places for reflection, that attract unexplored ideas. SAHARA is based on experiences in the immense Sahara Desert.


It is a collection of outdoor plant pots that comes in a range of sizes and finishes designed by Pablo Gironés for GANDIABLASCO.


The recyclable rotation-moulded polyethylene from the SAHARA plant pot 4 is made is 100% recyclable. This lacquered designer plant pot is 100 cm in diameter by 30 cm tall.


More than an outdoor plant pot, it can be combined with the rest of the collection to create an arrangement of SAHARA plant pots that looks perfect in your garden, on the terrace of your house, or even in larger Contract projects.


Red Dot Design Award



Sizes (HxhxL)

Ø100x30 cm

Ø39x12 inch


Rotation moulded 100% recyclable polyethylene

Textured powder-coated

About Pablo Gironés

Pablo Gironés was born in Ontinyent (Valencia) in 1968. After studying Architecture for one year at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, he then studied Economics at the University of Valencia.
In 1996, together with the architect Ramón Esteve, he founded Babia Mobles, a company specialized in designing and manufacturing contemporary furniture.

In the year 2000 the company was sold to Gandia Blasco S.A., which they became shareholders in. From that moment onwards, Pablo Gironés has been part of Gandia Blasco’s management team as the Marketing and Product Director. He is responsible for the company’s image, creativity and products, including catalogues, product strategy, etc.
He has worked on and carried out the showrooms projects that the company has around the world: NYC, Belgium, Portugal, Holland, Spain, etc., as well as the stands at different trade fairs in the sector.

Since December 2011 he has been the Art Director of Punt Mobles, which belongs to the Zriser investment group, and he also works together with several companies from different sectors in the definition of their product strategies.

Ha realizado y ejecutado los proyectos de los showrooms que la compañía tiene en todo el mundo: NYC, Bélgica, Portugal, Holanda, España, etc, así como todos los stands en diferentes ferias del sector.
Desde Diciembre de 2011 es el Art Director de Punt Mobles perteneciente al grupo inversor Zriser, además de colaborar con varias compañías de diversos sectores en la definición de sus estrategias de producto.

He also teaches several subjects related to Design Management and Strategy and Branding at CEU San Pablo University and at the Escola D´Art i Superior de Disseny de València (Valencia School of Art and Design), EASD.

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Pablo Gironés


Sahara planters


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Pablo Gironés

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Pablo Gironés

Sahara Planter 3

Pablo Gironés

Sahara Planter 4

Pablo Gironés

Sahara Planter 5

Pablo Gironés