Anodized aluminium



9016 White

7038 Agate grey

1019 Sand

7033 Cement grey

7006 Bronze

7031 Blue grey

7043 Anthracite


Na Xemena Es Canà stool

The NA XEMENA outdoor furniture collection was conceived in a house on a cliff top surrounded by junipers and pine trees on the northern part of the island of Ibiza: Ca NA XEMENA.


The Es Canà stool is a designer stool inspired by Es Canà beach: A crescent of golden sand surrounded by pine trees and attractive unspoiled beaches, located on the eastern part of the island of Ibiza.


More than just an outdoor stool, the formal aesthetics of its design is an extension of Ibiza’s contemporary architecture, represented by Ca Na Xemena.


Combine it with the NA XEMENA Bar table 70 or NA XEMENA Bar table 180 to create a lounge atmosphere in the purest Mediterranean style.


The NA XEMENA Es Canà stool is a design by Ramón Esteve for GANDIABLASCO.


Sizes (HxhxL)

30x30x73 cm

12x12x29 inch


Anodized or thermo-lacquered aluminium

100% recyclable polyethylene

About Ramón Esteve

Ramón Esteve graduated as an architect from the Superior Technical School of Architecture in Madrid in 1990.
He started an independent career in his own studio the same year, alternating between architecture and experience in various related fields. With the setting up of the Stand for the Home Textile Fair in 1992, he began his working relationship with Gandia Blasco. Fruit of this productive relationship were the stands set up between 1992-1997, the showroom that the company has in its installations, several collections of woollen rugs, fringes and borders for carpets, fabrics, bedspreads and finally the furniture collection NA XEMENA. At the same time, in 1996 he created, together with other partners including GANDIA BLASCO the society Babia Mobles.

For Babia, Ramón has created a collection of occasional wooden furniture: tables, trolleys, consoles, accessories etc. The furniture that this architect designs continues the balance that suffuses all his work. The materials used, as well as the technical execution, offer a rational image together with a perfect industrial design for the large-scale manufacture of the product. The architect focuses above all in making sure that each design is essential, arriving at the final shape by means of synthesis, not simplification, discarding any formal or unnecessary excess.

The results are fundamentally simple, austere pieces, but with an intrinsic value which makes them exclusive. These furniture collections are presented as an alternative to the analogous products found on the market, with a more competitive price. Some of his most outstanding work in the world of industrial design has appeared in various specialist publications.

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Ramón Esteve

Architect & Designer

Na Xemena Chaise lounge