Ensombra powder-coated stainless steel

9016 White

7038 Agate grey

1019 Sand

7006 Bronze

3005 Wine red

7031 Blue grey

7043 Anthracite

9011 Black

Ensombra Phenolic










Ensombra Folding parasol

“We have transferred the system of opening and closing a fan to a different product type, the sunshade, to obtain a simple system that can be opened and closed over a single slat.”


ENSOMBRA is a designer sunshade made from a base of galvanized steel and a stainless steel powder-coated shaft in white, agate grey, bronze, sand, black, blue grey, wine red and anthracite, you choose. The slats on the shade itself are strips of phenolic board that you can adjust depending on the amount of light and shade you want.


This is more than just a decorative parasol, as it creates a set of colours, lights and shades that transform your outdoor space into an idyllic spot, full of life.


ENSOMBRA folding parasol is an exclusive design for GANDIABLASCO by Odosdesign.


Delta ADI-FAD Selection



Sizes (HxhxL)

Ø180x212 cm

Ø71x83 inch


Folding parasol

Powder-coated stainless steel pole

Phenolic plate strips

Powder-coated galvanized steel base

About Odosdesign

Luis Calabuig and Ana Segovia received their Degree in Industrial Design from the UPV of Valencia in 2001 after which they worked for several national and international companies such as design studios. They established Odosdesign in 2005.

Our work is based on a common search for new basics and on the combination of functionality, creativity, and aesthetics, as they aim to offer optional design solutions to their clients.

We believe in strong ideas and passionate work, whatever the scale of the product or the location. We find creativity enriching in all its forms. We develop long-lasting products that are beyond fashion. In order to achieve these high standards, it is important to be involved in all processes, from the initial concept to product development and communications, including graphic design and art direction.

We work with companies such as Gandia Blasco, Bancaja, Sancal, Mobenia, Cambrass, do+ce, Babidu, Koo-International. We have received several prizes, including INJUVE 05 award for best career trajectory, the Grand Design Award 2007 in London, Delta Selection 2007, Gioia Casa Award 2007, and the Designer’s Association of the Community of Valencia (ADCV) silver medal. Our products have been exhibited in many cities around the world, such as Valencia, Barcelona, Madrid, Tokio, New York, Paris, Helsinki, Miami, Milano, and Copenhagen. Our projects have been published in national and international specialized magazines.

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