Weaving networks for female leadership in business

Courage, equality and experience. The promotion of female talent is an essential part of the identity of Gandia Blasco Group.

In commitment to equity and diversity, we continue to strive to open up new paths that serve to promote the professional advancement and skills of women across the board in the company. For this reason, at Gandia Blasco Group and through the efforts of our firms we promote work in an environment in which all professionals can develop their careers regardless of their gender or personal context.

Let’s talk about figures: 49% of our team are women, a percentage that rises to 50% when we refer to management positions. Alejandra Gandía-Blasco, Deputy Creative and Communication Director of the Gandia Blasco Group and Creative Director of Diabla, and Mapi Millet, Creative Director of GAN, embody the relevance of female leadership in our company. A family business in whose evolution, growth and internationalisation women have played a key and strategic role.

this November, in the pages of the special edition of FORBES, a publication committed to female talent and which serves as a loudspeaker for women’s ability to lead growth and positive change in all areas of the company.

“GAN’s team is mainly made up of women. We have always had the power and independence to make decisions so that we do not make a special effort to achieve something that, fortunately, we already have. What we do try to do is to generate an energy of mutual support around us that allows all the women we work with to develop and continue to grow professionally, especially the most disadvantaged. This is why our project for the development of rural women in India, the GAN Women Unit is so important to us.”
Mapi Millet

“The key to remaining a design reference, I believe, depends on the business philosophy, human capital, the personality of the person who manages the brands, the designers with whom you choose to collaborate, and of course the effort of the whole team to achieve the proposed objectives. It is a long road, you must not lose your passion, you must firmly believe in what you do. When all this comes together, you transmit values that go beyond the products you design.”
Alejandra Gandía-Blasco

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