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HVO Les Oliviers Grasse

Les Oliviers Grasse is a private residence in Châteauneuf de Grasse in eastern Provence, a land of lavender fields and country walks through parks and nature reserves, of Roman ruins and mouthwatering gastronomy. At one end of the swimming pool of the house, surrounded by a garden planted with aromatic herbs and graced by ancient olive trees, the Pergola Mobile Canvas Roof for OUTDOOR SPACES, designed by José A. Gandía-Blasco, is a haven from the searing heat of summer and the ideal and enjoying milder temperatures reclining on the NA XEMENA modular sofa. The FAROLES collection provide magical background light on special nights.

A superb outdoor space for relaxing and enjoying the pool, enhanced with several CHILL outdoor beds facing the Provencal sun, surrounded by the natural greens and yellows of nature.

Elegant, durable GANDIABLASCO outdoor furniture, discreet and harmonious, highlights the architecture and natural surroundings of this spellbinding private home.

GANDIABLASCO Collections: Na Xemena | Faroles | Chill
©’T Huis van Oordeghem
Photographer: © Ellen Adam