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Habitar el aire


HABITAR EL AIRE” was the latest arts project by social architect Santiago Cirugeda in Naves Matadero – Centro Internacional de Artes Vivas. It was a pleasure to collaborate once again with Matadero Madrid and Escuela Artediez on such an interesting project.

The exhibition was held in a house suspended in the air and built along with women’s groups from the city of Madrid, directed and trained by the Recetas Urbanas social architecture team (who have a lot of experience in group self-build ventures).

“This building, suspended in mid-air, is furnished with items created by students from Escuela Artediez in conjunction with GANDIABLASCO, developed their artistic potential by inviting creative artists like instrumentalist and musicologist Llorenç Barber and ethnomusicologist Montserrat Palacios, acclaimed pianist Ignacio Marín Bocanegra, Vértebro, Los Bárbaros and everyone in the audience to come and have an intense experience.

Once it came to the end of its life in Naves Matadero, the house was rebuilt by members of the Red de Mujeres Feministas, Equidad de Género en el Desarrollo, a gender equality and development network; Asociación Amalgama, Latin American women fighting against gender violence; and the Trabe Foundation, which specialises in processes of integration.”

DIABLA Collections: Sillón Valentina | Silla Clack!
Project Year: 2018

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