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Pink Dactyloscopy


A pink inflatable sculpture created by visual artist Marco Canevacci from the Plastique Fantastique collective took over Nave 11 at Matadero Madrid. This was Dactiloscopia Rosa (Pink Dactyloscopy), a site-specific installation furnished with GANDIABLASCO outdoor furniture collections and hand-crafted products from our GAN interiors brand.

For Marco Canevacci the city is a laboratory of temporary spaces. The inflatable installations he designs for cities all over the world, including Rome, Helsinki, Berlin, Copenhagen, Paris, Bogota, Mexico and Seoul, form flexible, low consumption alternative spaces for holding ephemeral activities to activate, create and share public spaces and involve people in the creative process.

Artistic Director of Naves Matadero, Mateo Feijóo, challenged Marco Canevacci to create an inflatable structure inside one of the halls at the Cultural Centre, although his sculptures are usually made for outdoor spaces. This led to creating a space within another space, a play on interiors that set up a dialogue with each other and prompting individuals to obtain different perceptions.

Ana Llobet’s TEXTILE collection, the GRAPY poufs by Kensaku Oshiro and ARAM by Nendo, were placed inside this gigantic pink latex hand housing an exhibition of a comprehensive collection of queer fanzines in Spain, featuring issues dating from the 1970s.

GANDIABLASCO collections: Textile | Aram
GAN collection: Grapy
Project Year: 2017

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