Na Xemena Chaiselongue

NA XEMENA represents more than an outdoor furniture collection. Through it, a new concept of the outdoors has been created, helping to conceive a new contemporary atmosphere.”

The NA XEMENA chaiselongue is part of the outdoor furniture collection. This designer chaise longue is made from silver or powder coated aluminum sections and fully recyclable polyethylene.

More than an outdoor chaiselongue, the purely architectonic lines of its design inspired by the local Mediterranean architecture of the island of Ibiza turn it into a contemporary classic. Combine it with the rest of the collection to create outdoor environments and spaces in the purest Mediterranean style.

The NA XEMENA chaiselongue is a design by Ramón Esteve for GANDIABLASCO.

Na Xemena Chaiselongue
2020 Outdoor Fabrics

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