Flat Textil Stool with Backrest

“Inspiration is within reach of our senses, in the street, when we travel, in the objects that surround us. In my opinion, being a designer means keeping your senses alert to everything.
My way of working and understanding design is to create objects that work better and are, above all, honest. My interest in functionality is a consequence of being educated in the eighties. I think that, for some time now, everything has become more superficial and flashy: negative glamour.”

FLAT is an outdoor furniture collection, designed by Mario Ruiz for GANDIABLASCO. Mario reduces the aluminum structure to a minimum, by incorporating a considerable amount of Batyline® fabric, to create a range of elegant, light, tough designer pieces, which can be combined to furnish everything from small terraces to extensive Contract installations.

The FLAT TEXTIL stool with backrest is an original design by Mario Ruiz for GANDIABLASCO.

Flat Textil Stool with Backrest
Batyline® Fabric - Instructions for Cleaning

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