Ensombra Folding Parasol

“We have transferred the system of opening and closing a fan to a different product type, the sunshade, to obtain a simple system that can be opened and closed over a single slat.”

ENSOMBRA is a designer sunshade made from a base of galvanized steel and a stainless steel thermo-lacquered shaft  in white, agate grey, concrete grey, bronze, sand, black, blue grey, wine red, orange brown and grey brown – you choose. The slats on the shade itself are strips of phenolic board that you can adjust depending on the amount of light and shade you want.

This is more than just a decorative umbrella, as it creates a set of colors, lights and shades that transform your outdoor space into an idyllic spot, full of life.

ENSOMBRA folding parasol is an exclusive design for GANDIABLASCO by Odosdesign.

Ensombra Folding Parasol

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