Jian Sectional Sofa 1

JIAN means space, but it also represents the in between concept that is ever present across many spheres of art and architecture, dance and music.

It represents simplicity, but not simpleness; it is the simplicity of the form but not the content.

We conceived this collection of outdoor furniture as an exemplification of this concept.” – Neri&Hu

The JIAN sectional sofa 1 is much more than just a piece of furniture. A light and elegant designer sofa, it is made of thermo-lacquered aluminum sections, is available in different colors, and offers the comfort of an indoor sofa with the quality and durability of an outdoor piece.

The JIAN sectional sofa 1 is an exclusive design by Neri&Hu for GANDIABLASCO.

Jian Sectional Sofa 1
2020 Outdoor Fabrics

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