DNA Sectional Sofa 1

DNA is inspired by the aesthetics of works created with bamboo and wooden battens used in oriental architecture or Mediterranean blinds. It is an outdoor furniture collection, designed to be elegant and discreet, with architectural lines, built with a laminated aluminum profile system.

All the pieces in the collection can be combined to allow you to create the DNA outdoor space you want in private gardens and on terraces, and in more spacious Contract installations.
The DNA sectional sofa 1 is a designer sofa manufactured with laminated aluminum profiles available with silver or powder coated finishes in white, black, anthracite, sand or bronze. The choice is yours.

It is a tough, elegant designer sofa, whose modular nature makes it the perfect, natural fit in all types of spaces and surroundings.

The DNA sectional sofa 1 is an original design by José A. Gandía-Blasco for GANDIABLASCO.

DNA Sectional Sofa 1
2019 Outdoor Fabrics

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