Sahara Plant Pot 5

The sinuous shapes of the sand dunes in the Sahara Desert inspired the SAHARA planter collection designed by Pablo Gironés for GANDIABLASCO.

The SAHARA plant pot 5 completes this collection of outdoor plant pots, which you can personalise with your favourite colors and finishes. It all depends on your taste and your available indoor or outdoor space. The choice is yours.

This designer plant pot is made from 100% recyclable rotation-molded polyethylene. Looks great alone on any terrace or garden, as well as inside homes or in larger Contract installations.

These pots are designed to look excellent with all the GANDIABLASCO outdoor furniture collections, to create pleasant environments, which you can enjoy 365 days of the year. The visual harmony of these organic, curved shapes, adapts naturally to any space and surroundings.

Sahara Plant Pot 5

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